seo tools for backlink

Top 3 Link Building Tools For Powerful SEO in 2019

In search engine optimization, there are tons of things that matter. Today, Google has more than 200 factors that come into account.

Now, these factors range from on-page SEO, off page SEO and a few other quality factors. On page SEO mainly deals with the content on the website.

seo tools for backlink

This means that you are making sure that your keyword density is in place. You are making sure that the keywords that you are using are actually targeting an audience that is relevant to your demand.

Likewise, you need to add visual content to aid your content.

Visitors find it boring to read text content. On page SEO also means that you need to look into your website’s URL. Shorter URLs tend to perform much better than longer URLs.

If you are putting time and quality into researching whatever you are writing for, chances are you will be ranking better.

This is because everything basically comes down to the user experience. If people don’t end up enjoying your content or find it useful, they will drive away from your page.

1. Prepostseo

If you want to boost your SEO through building links, you can use a backlink maker. What this backlink maker does is that it creates backlinks for you.

This means all you have to do is to add the URL of your website and the tool will do the rest of the job for you.

It will browse all the websites in your niche that should be adding links to your website. On the tool, just share your URL. Multiple backlinks will be created all the once for you and you will notice that your search engine rankings are going up.

Link builder

Another way to build links is through broken links. Broken links are links that are mentioned on some website and these links are links to your website.

However, these links don’t lead visitors anywhere. It may be because your page does not exist anymore.

If you can replace all the broken links leading to your website, you should be able to do great in terms of search engine rankings.

You can use the broken link builder tool for this. It is easy to use and it is available for free. It can help you a ton with your search engine rankings.

2. Paraphrasing Tool

In a situation like that one can’t help but wonder what if there’s a paraphrasing tool that could do all the rewriting for them in the blink of an eye. Free paraphrasing tool

3. Whitespark

The last tool we have for you is Whitespark. On the website, you would notice that you have multiple tools that can help you with your search engine rankings.

You have a local citation finder. It will show you all the critical opportunities you are missing in terms of platforms you can be cited on.

Moreover, you have a local rank tracker, reputation builder, and link prospector.

A lot of these tools are available for free that helps you in your search engine rankings. If you focus alone on rankings, your SEO rankings will boost.

Off -page SEO has mostly to do with the offline marketing of your website. This means that you will be looking into social media marketing.

Whether you are e-commerce or a blog owner, you will be realizing that a lot of traffic coming to your website is actually from social sites.

A strong social presence can make a huge difference for businesses. The last step for off page SEO is your link building. When Google first started off, it had only one factor for ranking websites.

The factor was links. It is true that websites today have more than 200 factors that come into account when ranking them on search engines, link building is still the top ranking factor.

The first algorithm for ranks in Google is known as Google Page Rank. Google Page Rank was named after Larry Page who was one of Google’s founders.

So basically before we dive into the details of how ranks work in search engines and how you can build them, let us first understand what links are exactly.

What are links and why do they matter in SEO?

When a website mentions the URL of another website or one of its webpages on its website, it is known as a link. This link is very important in SEO.

First of all, links matter to Google. However, the question is why it matters to Google. See, there is a reason why someone would want to mention the link to your website.

If I own a website the reviews books, it is good enough that I write the review of a book. But it is additional but useful information if I end up sharing a link of websites where my visitors can purchase that book from.

If I am the owner of that website, I would not want to add a link to a website that does not sell stuff that is top notch quality. Unless it is a paid sponsorship, there is no benefit for me to share a link that does not directly help my visitors.

This is why when a website has more and more links associated with it, Google finds it important to rank it better on search engines.

What sorts of links are important for SEO?

One thing to note is that it is not just the quantity of links that is important. The quality and relevance of links matter just as much.

If you are getting 2- 3 links per month but they are top notch quality, it is better than getting 20 links that don’t add value to your website.

One way to judge if a website is credible enough to get a link from is to check its domain authority. See, a website has more than 200 factors on the basis of which it is judged.

Domain authority is a metric that takes into account all of these factors when ranking websites.

All these factors combined is domain authority.

You can check the domain authority of a website by using a free online domain authority checker. That is an excellent way to go about it. On the other hand, there is also relevance.

It is better that you get a link from a website that has a domain authority of 30 but is relevant to you than to get a link from a website that has a domain authority of 70 but is not relevant to your website.

When we speak of relevance, we are basically talking about your niche.

So find websites that are working in your niche. If a health blog mentions links to a website selling pregnancy related stuff, it is much more relevant than photography related website linking to a website selling pregnancy related stuff.

Another thing we did like to add is that domain authority is based on a logarithmic scale. What this means is that it is much easier to improve your domain authority from 10 to 15 than to increase it from 70 to 75. The higher up you go, the more difficult it gets.

What is the difference between backlinks and internal links?

Links are of two types. They are either backlinks or internal links. Backlinks are when one website mentions the link to another website.

Internal links are when you mention a link to your webpage to another one of your web pages. Internal links are generally easier to build in comparison to backlinks.

How to build internal links?

Internal links are relatively easier to build. This is because you are the one creating links. For backlinks, you will require another website that will be willing to create a link to your website.

So for internal links, blogging is the best thing to do. Once you have a blog, you can create links that you can add to another one of your blogs. It is a simple and sweet solution that you can use.

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How to build backlinks?

As far are backlinks are concerned, there are some tips that will help you create long term valuable links. And there are some techniques that you will use to create links immediately.

So this totally depends on your preferences. For long term links, you will be creating guest content. You have two parties here. You have a publisher blog.

The publisher blog, what it does is, shares the content that you create for that blog.

It is important that you find blogs that are relevant to your niche. You will write a blog post for them and in return, they will add two links to your blog for creating that content. This is a great way to build quality backlinks. On the other hand, you can also create infographics on your blogs.

Infographics perform very well on the web and so once you create them, you will be receiving a lot of backlinks since you will find a lot of people sharing them on their websites.

The other set of techniques include the use of tools. Here are the top 3 tools that you can to build powerful links in 2019.

Thanks for Reading. Do comment if you know more SEO tools. 🙂

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