10 Best Online Text Editing Tools For Blog Writing

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Blog writing tools can help make life easier for bloggers. So, which online text editing tools are the best? 

On WordPress, bloggers publish around 70 million posts each month. Which should tell you how much bloggers work day and night. It should also tell you the importance of productivity and time efficiency in blog writing

Moreover, to rank higher in SERP, bloggers need to produce 2000 words or more. This should also be an indication of the importance of writing and doing so quickly. Therefore, how can an online text editor help you with that?

Moreover, why do writers use word processors and rich text editors? Let’s dive right into it and find out, then discuss the top tools you can use for blog writing in 2022. 

What Is An Online Text Editor? 

An online text editor is a plain text editor which allows the writer to edit, alter, or change the text. These tools come in the shape of an online web app instead of a downloadable program most of the time. However, downloadable text editors exist as well.

Most commonly, an online text editor will help you:

  • Write plain text
  • Support plain text files
  • Upload or download written text
  • Remotely collaborate with a fellow writer
  • Developers and writers both use these tool

These are some of the common uses of an online text editor. However, the uses of an online text editor may vary, depending on the writer and their purpose. 

The point is these tools can make life easier for bloggers. Compared to rich text editors, they are also easier to use for beginners. 

Plain Text Editor Vs. Rich Text Editor

A plain text editor is what we mentioned earlier. However, rich text editors are much more, well, feature-rich compared to their plain editor counterparts. That’s why both of these tools have their vast implications.

Most of the time, bloggers and writers of other natures will employ rich text editors compared to plain ones. Yet, sometimes they’d use a basic text editor just to be able to add text quickly and move on with it.

On the other hand, editors and developers tend to like plain text editors more, as it helps them quickly change or editor code. However, to understand what they do, let’s dive in and compare them:

  • What Do Plain Text Editors Do

A plain text editor will import or export a plain text file in a format such as TXT, which is also used by notepad on your pc. An online text editor will help you edit code and written text without you downloading it. 

  • What Do Rich Text Editors Do

A rich text editor will help you edit plain and rich text documents such as DOCX. These tools are exceedingly remarkable, as they can edit text on the go in great depth. This includes editing headings, styles altering fonts, and other key elements. 

What Is A Word Processor/Rich Text Editor? 

Speaking of word processors, are they different from a text editor? The primary difference is that a rich text editor just helps you edit or change content. Whereas a word processor gives you total control of your content.

While both these tools qualify as text editors, word processor grants you much more control over your content. This factor makes it an ideal companion for writers around the globe. But, then again, it depends on the requirement of a writer. 

However, to help you understand what differentiates a word processor from a text editor, here are five major offers of a word processor: 

  • Text Styles 

One of the first things you will notice in a word processor is the styles that it provides. Such as this:


As you can notice, this tool provides you with the options of picking heading styles, such as 1, 2, 3, and so on. This stylizing is something that’s absent from a plain text editor. 

  • Paragraph Options

Paragraph options allow you to align your text according to your liking, including right, middle, or left. Such as this:

POlyRvFnji6oCqJ7UWKjx4CtZOpaJxw8F2C6YM cv71BLqkivspAweTD69ihBh0x9647Um8LKp4ffv9k4JnTMFTTXWekzYA r0YHf SkbAq3DdvLKzoa2qaQj8 91RhVGZol6rs

The section you see, marked in red, are the paragraph options. Something that a plain text editor doesn’t provide. This factor makes it an ideal companion for a blog writer.

  • Font Styles & Sizes

A proper rich text editor or a word processor will also provide you with font and size options, such as this:

yCpwWpyQUJkU xc5Pt3Li3KsdF85roA2

By using these options, you can stylize or change your font accordingly.

  • Graphics & Images

A rich text editor or a word processor will allow you to edit text or images to your rich text document, with an insert option like this:

kOsID1ai k4S

As you can see here, the tool has provided the key options you will need for editing images to your text.

  • Spell Check

Using a thesaurus or another extension, a word processor will also help you with the correct spelling. 

4 Reasons To Use An Online Text Editor 

Before we talk about the tools, let’s talk about the reasons you need them. From online collaboration to direct content editing, these remarkable rich or plain editing tools for blog writers can help them in many ways.

Each of these tools offers something unique and necessary for writing good content. That’s why it’s imperative to understand just how they can impact your writing venture. Since these help you with quick editing experience, they help you save a lot of time in the process.

So, for your convenience, here are four reasons to use online text editors: 

  1. Direct Content Editing

One of the primary benefits of an online text editor is that you don’t have to download a tool like MS Word or sign up for one. That’s why these tools are becoming increasingly famous among writers. Because they help them achieve their writing goals with direct editing.

  1. Collaboration With Fellow Writers 

If you are using Zoom or Google Meets, then working with your fellow writers might require you to use a text editor. However, a heavy text editor like MS Word might lag the connection. That’s when an online text editor doesn’t hog bandwidth and helps you collaborate with fellow writers. 

  1. Quick Editing Experience 

Quick editing experiences are everything for a writer, as they need to get rid of problems quickly. In case of a revision, they can work from anywhere by using these tools. That’s why these tools are becoming progressively more and more employed among writers, as they enable quick editing.

  1. Time Efficiency 

Writers today are all about saving time. That’s why using these tools is also important. Instead of downloading a tool or waiting for a large download file, you can just fire up an online tool and get to work. This factor alone makes them more than ideal for saving time.

10 Best Online Text Editing Tools For Blog Writers

Now that we’ve got the uses and intricacies of editors out of the way let’s talk about the best tools that can provide you with these benefits. In order to truly benefit from all these factors of an online editor, you need to pick a good text editor.

So, don’t worry, because we picked 10 of the best editors for you. Here they are:


EditPad Online Text Editor is one of the leading tools available today. This is the first result you see on SERP, and it’s well justified too. This tool offers you two immersive editors which can help you with blog writing and editing simultaneously. 


The rich text editor, as seen above, can help you create accurate texts without any hassle. While the plain text editor is ideal for editing or changing texts on the go. This light nature also makes it one of the best editors available today.


  • Quick and convenient 
  • Easy to use
  • Free 
  • Offers accompanying tools


  • Yellow background


PrePostSEO’s online text editor is one of the best editing tools today. This tool is ideal when you need to fire up an editor during a Zoom meeting, or a Google Meets session. That’s what makes this quick and lightweight online text editor a remarkable companion for a blog writer.

KDprmVlofl79ck81RScJy3LyX8ZpOtcMcRx1JmA1mCYbHBvwa6Fw RS4BooP30CudbwuS2VLCkjbFSCO8HOhHFZaG9pRR8M6a01KIK95Jg12sYho0rJyNlGkKBlP X5 Ny7wgR9K

This factor makes it one of the leading and perhaps the best editors on the market today. As you can see in the image, it also offers other convenient tools to help blog writers deal with their pertaining solutions.


  • Swift and quick
  • Offers accompanying tools
  • A proper rich text editor
  • Ideal for online collaboration


  • None so far

Trix Editor – Rich Text Editor 

Trix Editor is yet another tool that every blogging writer should try at least once. This tool has all the necessary attributes you need to improve your existing content or make it better than the original. This editor can help you change or alter the text on the go.

pr5ISWX4PnztHKZ6a32 8fj5qOXvYCg3B11wELiFg5Gq8KRNwMee16jOEo3Nti0wbhW2NektOgK0No6MQzZgnjFvlDIEbmyAnMLgGmqOIqdw LPMAEaPFjXpLVzvmdAow CSQ6JR

As you can see that it offers a straightforward UI. This isn’t exactly a bad thing, as sometimes, all you need from a tool like this is a simple editing process.


  • Easy UI
  • Ideal for editing texts quickly


  • Doesn’t have stylizing offers

Google Docs – Part of Google Drive Suite

Google Docs is one of the leading tools among writers today, and for good reasons. This has become the mighty companion of any writer today, as it helps them achieve writing goals quickly.

8 jfO6Tz2UPdEfXmDNx8d5UZHYupnLI0a9jSDp l68mtlw k5i4ZEpOLP7ChDLBJ8qHIEYHGhWrm5BXWoA cs3oCJFFSdeTRKL3SQA sjy5XTu4GwgQ9GnfN4bp26zXoJ Ldpsso

Furthermore, the low intensity on CPU or laptop devices makes it ideal for working remotely. 


  • Great editing options
  • An array of accompanying tools


  • None


Onlinetexteditor has become one of the best tools for writers today. This tool doesn’t offer anything more than your average rich text editor.

5ydx20zBzz4m4cZ457N7AjP3fa4ydEk7bLFE5YNjoICzvHOc7HRB2Z0YbLVAQyxtPkLbnRI8mrX9hMVSSoWcztbiUxsQHz 3AooKnl1RMezrnfrw0mkf0RlAAIsGbOprBZV Y53

However, the light nature and quick access to this tool make it a viable option for writers. Moreover, it’s ideal for remote work and collaboration.


  • Many rich text options
  • Quick content changing abilities


  • Limited word count

Text Editor – Free Web App For Editing Text

Text Editor is a simple text editor with minor rich text editing options. This tool is ideal for editing any text on the go, as its minimalistic approach lets you take your text apart quickly.

nE16ebsrkwgri1jPuNNAgt9vN6CpFcLAUf1ON2 z3ZzHic1bvcNKkEo9XqGOEX9xsTBGFLEettKsTdmKchGN kDFWx3eoCfCE3j6Nz8A1VGG3PjQg5 M8WcThom6QsMyiz iJprX

As you can see, the tool offers no fluff, as it focuses solely on providing the key editing elements to the user.


  • Simple and easy
  • Ideal for editing texts on the go
  • Blog writers can break down their text using this
  • Developers might find some use for it


  • Should offer stylizing & headers


Any Text Editor is as simple as they come, as this tool provides you with all the necessities of editing and changing text on the go.

As you can see, its simplistic style makes it ideal for editing text. However, it may not be ideal for collaboration or writing text from scratch.


  • Easy editing 


  • Not ideal for collaboration
  • Sometimes act slow


Online Text Editor by text reverse is one of the most accessible tools you will find. This convenient tool helps you change your text through its rich text editor.

jYWcFWH7x1FmlJGPuBT2N35AiobREO4KRWojXTZyVqBecdOxZqoScsO6gfDtnIqXWmVdcWQqEEYDk Ji1wKSaL1SRXVsD4PCbgwH2FXg WwF8b0LcmoZ3R335NY97e8g VZ0JvfN

Moreover, as you can see, it comes with additional benefits from the Dupli checker, as it helps you alter and change your text quite conveniently. 


  • Easy usage
  • Stellar accompanying tools


  • Too many ads

SearchEngineReports – Online Text Editor

Search Engine Reports’ Online Text Editor is another convenient tool for blog writers. Here is how it looks:

As you can see, it has all the necessities you need for editing any rich or plain text document. Moreover, its quick nature makes it ideal for online collaboration with fellow bloggers as well. 


  • Rich text editing
  • Quick website loading


  • Big ad banners 

Online Rich Text Editor – IndiaTyping.com 

Online Rich Text Editor by IndiaTyping is the last tool on this list, but nothing about it suggests that it’s the least capable.

1dbQorPiAscSpMll6 f2chQDScENjtZwGTMXcdhytAWUqdd1Ig9fK5 uyXdIVZrhyQGrywDRPglqWx bmBjVWUZ5kBEWieg

As you can see here, the tool has everything you will need in an online text editor, including downloadable options—which are highly convenient. 


  • Fast editing
  • Downloadable file options


  • None so far


These are the most remarkable tools available for writers today. Each of these tools offers something unique and helps bloggers continue their work uninterrupted. 

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