5 Ways Video Content Can Improve Your SEO

Outranking competitors online with video marketing for SEO is a great way to improve your visibility on the internet. Research shows that websites have 53 times more chance to rank higher on Google search pages if they have videos. While relatable images and text on your page help boost ranking, videos give you an extra edge that hooks audiences to stay on your web page for more time. Good content and well-produced videos are essential to improving your SEO. 

Let’s first understand –

What is Video SEO, and how does it work?

As we’ve seen, video is a vital tool for creating stories and connecting readers with your business. When video marketing is correctly integrated into an overall SEO plan, it provides tremendous advantages and ROI in multiple ways. In simple terms, video SEO optimise a video so that it may be indexed and ranked for relevant keyword searches on search engines. 

Even though many businesses include video in their overall web marketing efforts, SEOs tend to overlook the video sector. Content creation, such as infographics and textual content, is being pushed hard. A video is a useful form of content that can contribute to your overall SEO strategy. Let’s look at five ways that videos can assist you in improving your SEO ranking. 

1. Including a video on your website is a terrific method to boost the number of time customers spend there.

Your capacity to attract, engage, and retain visitors will be vital to your company’s success. Unique videos are a terrific method to pique people’s interest and attract their attention. 

Consumers grasp video information faster than commercials that can be skimmed at a glance. For years, videos have been an element of Google’s organic search. Given the many differences between social media platforms, the optimum video lengths also vary significantly.

For example, while a YouTube viewer may cheerfully watch a four-minute-long video, an Instagram user is unlikely to give it more than 15 seconds before swiping through to the next one. If you’re doing cold outreach, use an editor to keep up with the rule of thumb: keep it under one minute.

Placing your movie thumbnail in a web directory will increase brand awareness and clicks. So, it’s essential to use a good video editor to make your videos look crisp. But sometimes, the video editors can be tricky to use. So, look for online video trimmers with good UI/UX and templates to help you navigate easily. Keep in mind that the amount of time visitors spend on your site significantly impacts how highly Google ranks it.

2. Google is concerned about video, so you should be as well.

Google’s internal mechanism for generating search engine results pages is one of the most fundamental ways video content may enhance your SEO. Remember that Google prioritises two factors: the quality of your content and its relevance to a user’s initial search queries.

Google doesn’t merely glance at the text to figure out both things. It also looks for other forms of media to see what you have to offer. If your websites include not only text but also high-quality visuals such as videos, your pages will be as varied as they are instructive, boosting your SEO efforts.

Trimming a video’s beginning or end can help it gain the attention it deserves. The second step is to keep folks watching after you’ve piqued their interest. Cutting extra content with an video cutter might help you keep your viewers’ interest.

3. You can get more backlinks by using videos.

More than 90% of people share videos they’ve viewed on the internet. You may get more relevant backlinks to your content by using video marketing to promote your website.

Because the quantity and quality of your backlinks affect rankings, this is a significant benefit of video marketing for SEO. According to an Ahrefs investigation, Google doesn’t provide any traffic to 91 percent of its Content Explorer tool sites.

What is the most crucial reason for this? Backlinks are hard to come by. As part of your SEO plan, why not employ video to create backlinks and interaction with your content and website? You can see a significant rise in your site’s rankings and traffic by creating relevant and compelling videos. Backlinks can be added directly to videos in several online video editors.

4. You can enhance conversions by presenting videos on your site or employing rich snippets.

Increase the number of conversions

Not only should SEO improve ranks, but it should also turn visitors into paying clients. Video content engages visitors and persuades them to buy your product. You can enhance conversions by presenting videos on your site or employing rich snippets.

You should put fascinating and entertaining videos on your page. Depending on the type of business it is featured on, it could be a product video or an explainer video. You may also create video-rich snippets of your content using an online video trimmer to compel people to visit your website.

They will help you stand out from the crowd of other search results, resulting in more clicks and traffic to your site. To increase conversions, make sure the thumbnail is appealing and summarises the video’s content. Also, some online video editors offer you several colour settings which you can use to change the tonality of the video as per the content. 

5. Videos can also be used as social media posts, allowing them to reach a wider audience.

It’s apparent why viral marketing is a popular means of advertising products and services among businesses trying to improve their SEO rankings and brand exposure. As advertisements are usually less than a minute, an online video trimmer is a handy tool for creating crisp video adverts and removing what’s not essential. 

If you own a company in any industry, you’ve probably already grasped the importance of video and SEO in your content marketing plan. In this case, you could choose to hire an SEO firm.

The more visits you get, the higher your site will likely appear in search results. There’s also an indirect influence of video: when people see something informative or interesting, they’re more likely to share it with their friends and family.


If there was ever a moment to incorporate videos into your digital marketing plan, now is it. According to research, online videos will account for 82 percent of internet traffic by 2022. If you want a piece of that traffic, you need to start making films as soon as possible.

Now that you know how to use video SEO to your benefit, you only need to figure out how you’ll incorporate it into your overall approach.

Using video content marketing to engage your audience is a proven method. It’s all about smart video marketing rather than haphazard and random projects.

In a nutshell, it’s all about integrating video into all of your marketing platforms to achieve more profitable results.

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