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Hello Everyone, this is Prabhakar Alok, Welcome to our website.

Today we will learn Best Actionable or Advance SEO Techniques?

So, let’s learn.

✅ Building A Strong Foundation

✅ 5x Step Common Sense Audit

✅ On-Page SEO 

✅ Link Building Strategies 

✅ Backlink Checker Tools

✅ Backlink Strategies Infographic

✅ Repeatable Strategies 

Everyone wants to know the secret to website ranking well. Landing at the top of the charts can be a big game-changer for any business.

Not only will it increase your web traffic, but it’s also an incredible opportunity to grow your business!

Well…what if I told you there’s actually no secret?

There’s no silver bullet. Ranking well requires you to follow the right practices and put in place repeatable strategies.

Below, I’ll show you how you can get started by building a strong foundation, working on your on-page SEO, and developing your link building strategies.

Let’s go!

#1. Building A Strong Foundation

Before we begin, it’s best to start with an SEO audit

An SEO audit helps identify any foundational problems affecting your SEO ranks. Having a good foundation will also enhance any on-page SEO or backlinking efforts.

Here’s my 5x Step Common Sense Audit you can work on right away.


#2. 5x Step Common Sense Audit

  1. Listen to Your Visitors: 

Ask your readers what they like (or dislike) about your website.

  1. Manual Observations: 

Manually check what your audience liked and disliked. Note down the areas you need to improve.

  1. Quick Technical Spot Checks: 

Identify the most common SEO problems with these 4 quick spot checks:

  1. Scan For Problems: 

Use an automated SEO audit tool to look for any remaining issues. 

  1. Create a Plan of Attack

Create a list of all the problems and rank them in order of the magnitude of the issues. Begin fixing these mistakes, starting with the issues at the top.

#3. On-Page SEO

Once you’ve fixed any foundational problems, it’s time to optimize your site. Here are the 5 most important on-page SEO ranking factors you should focus on first.


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  • Mobile Responsive: Make sure your website is optimized for mobile.
  • Website Speed: Make sure your website loads quickly (less than 3 seconds).
  • Keyword At the Start of Your Title Tag: Include your keyword at the beginning of your headlines.
  • Internal Linking: Create internal links between other relevant pages on your site.
  • Length of Content: Aim for as long and as in-depth content as possible.

#4. Link Building Strategies

Generally, the more links you have, the higher your ranks. 

But before you start with any link building strategy, make sure you have a site that’s worth linking to.

3x Link Building Strategies:

1. Reverse Engineer Your Competitors Backlinks:

If you have a small budget, instead of competing with your competitors, copy their backlinking strategy.


To start, make a list of your competitors, analyze their backlinks (using one of the tools listed below), and work backwards to see how they got the link. 

It’s one of the most effective link building strategies (win rate: time invested per earned link).

2. Support New Business Growth


Today’s crowdfunding campaigns often give each donor a thank you by linking back to their website. Donations can range from $1 to thousands and are available across a range of niches.

All you need to do is make a list of crowdfunding sites and donate to them.

3. Help Clean Up The Web


Many websites have broken links that can hurt their SEO.

You can reach out to the blog manager about the broken link and have them replace it with yours! It’s a great way to add value, build relationships, and gain a high-quality link.

#5. Backlink Checker Tools

Link building is made much easier when you have access to backlink checker tools.



Ahrefs is the greatest backlink checker (and best overall SEO tool in my opinion). It has the biggest backlink database, the most usable data, and an intuitive user interface.



SEMRush is also another complete SEO digital marketing tool with a backlink checker. I thoroughly enjoyed its easy-to-use dashboard.

#6. Backlink Strategies Infographic

Below is a link building strategy infographic, detailing 14 link building strategies you can use.



#7. Repeatable Strategies

By undergoing an SEO audit, improving your on-page SEO, and repeating different link building tactics, you’re already doing more for your SEO than most websites. 

I recommend you, first, find what works best for your site. Then, add it to an ongoing SEO routine. For example, you can conduct a regular audit once every month, write an SEO checklist for each new piece of content published, and donate to a project to gain a new backlink at least once a month. 

You can schedule these activities via a free tool like Trello.


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Wrapping It Up 

Remember, using a repeatable SEO strategy is the only way to rank well. 

There’s no secret…just effort, persistence, and consistency.

You can begin with a simple SEO audit. Building a good foundation helps boost the impact of any on-page SEO or backlinking strategies.

What are you waiting for?

Get started today!

Thanks and Regards

Prabhakar Alok

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