Top 10 Google Ads Mistakes

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On 8th March 2020, I was just checking my Facebook timeline feed and I found a post which is posted by Shubham Aggarwal in Fundamentals of Digital Marketing group and He has asked about 10 Biggest Google Ads Mistakes.

To this question, Many people came up with their views.?

So, Let’s see what’s the biggest google ads mistakes.

Top 10 Most Common Google Ads Mistakes

Top 10 Most Common Google Ads Mistakes

  1. Ignoring landing page experience or not keeping separate landing page
  2. Not improving Quality score
  3. Ignoring rules ( rules can automate things for you )
  4. Ignoring conversion tracking in Google Ads
  5. Ignoring keyword research as keyword is the support of any campaign
  6. Ignoring competitor analysis in terms of Ad copies, working on brand bidding
  7. Not using a remarketing custom audience of Google Analytics
  8. Ignoring video ads for remarketing as it convinces your users
  9. Keeping bid very low or sometimes very high
  10. Not working as per standard campaign structure

Bonus Tips:- Not improving CTR, Not working on weak ad copies, Ignoring responding ads, Ignoring call-out and structured snippet, not building negative keyword list or ignoring match types.

The above Top 10 Google Ads Mistakes tips ? was given by Google Ads Expert Pranav Jha . ⤴

⤵⤵ One more helpful points came from Shirin Bhasin. ?⤵⤵

  1. Not giving enough attention to ad copy and landing page experience
  2. Not making sure that there is a relationship between ad copy, landing page, and targeting
  3. Not using the correct campaign type that aligns with your goal
  4. Not optimizing the campaigns on the basis of performance
  5. Using too broad keywords (even if they are irrelevant) just to get impressions
  6. Focusing on the metrics that are irrelevant to your goals while doing an analysis
  7. Writing a misleading ad copy.

⤵ Also, Vivek Kumar Pandey ? has kept his points on 10 biggest google ads mistakes. ⤵

1.) Wrong Campaign Type

2.) Not focusing on negative Keywords

3.) Ignoring Keyword Match types

4.) Not focusing on search terms

5.) Ignoring negative locations

6.) Ignoring Advanced bid adjustment

7.) Ignoring landing page speed

8.) Ignoring A/B Testing especially ad copy

9.) Not focusing on Auctions Insights data

10.) Forget to analyze the competition

So, these are the basic Google Ads Mistakes.

You guys can work on these points to avoid Google Ads blunders.

Thank you so much for reading the post.

Other than these, if any other Google Ads Mistakes have been known to you guys please do share with us.


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