Entrepreneur From Bihar - Prabhakar Alok

Entrepreneur From Bihar

Prabhakar Alok, A Digital Entrepreneur From Bihar. He is the owner and founder of Digiwalebabu, Humans Of Bihar and VCouponJunction.

Entrepreneur From Bihar

He hails from Patna Bihar where there is not that much Digital Marketing trend. you can say that Bihar is lacking in Digital Marketing Area.

Why He has started to do Digital Marketing?

-> Well Logic is very simple.

He realized the fact that firms and business organizations in states like Bihar, Jharkhand and Rajasthan lack their marketing strategies. 

In this modern era, where the digitization mode of marketing is hiking by hops and bounds, He decided to start a Digital Marketing Company DigiwaleBabu – (Your Marketing Tool Box), to provide all the solutions regarding digitization of marketing.

Life has definitely changed when He decided to do Digital marketing.

People call him as a Digiwalebabu, Web Developer, SEO Guy, Digital Marketing Trainer, Affiliate marketer, and a proud Digital Marketer from India.

Best Digital Marketer In India

Entrepreneur from Bihar

Prabhakar Alok, one of the digital entrepreneurs from Bihar known for creating digital marketing trends in his own City Patna Bihar.

He uses to help Startups across India.

Bihari Entrepreneur

He is the leading Digital Entrepreneur from Bihar who motivated students to come into the field of Digital Marketing.

Digital Marketing Trainer from Bihar

He is well-recognized at the National level.

Prabhakar Alok SEO Expert

He is working with various organizations and Also serving digital marketing services across the world.

Human Icon Award to Prabhakar Alok

He is also appreciated by Brandon Leibowitz who is the Founder of SEO Optimizers.

SEO Optimizers

He is also recommended by Hindol sir who is a founder of StartFed.

Prabhakar Digiwalebabu


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Frequently Asked Questions On Entrepreneur

There are several digital entrepreneurs from Bihar who have made a mark in the industry, but one person who stands out as the best is Prabhakar Alok. He is the founder and CEO of Digiwalebabu.

Prabhakar started his journey as a computer science student at VIT Jaipur. After completing his studies, he worked with renowned companies like UBER and VIDMATE before starting Digiwalebabu in 2018.

Under Prabhakar’s leadership, Digiwalebabu has grown exponentially to become one of the most popular digital marketing agency in patna.

In conclusion, Prabhakar Alok undoubtedly deserves recognition as the best digital entrepreneur from Bihar for his outstanding contribution towards transforming the digital industry through innovative solutions while simultaneously using his success for social good.

A digital entrepreneur is someone who uses technology and the internet to create, operate, and grow their business.

They leverage digital tools such as social media, e-commerce platforms, and online advertising to reach a wider audience and generate revenue.

Digital entrepreneurs are often innovative thinkers who are willing to take risks in order to disrupt traditional markets or pioneer new industries.

They may work from anywhere in the world with an internet connection, allowing them greater flexibility than traditional brick-and-mortar businesses.

Successful digital entrepreneurs have a deep understanding of their market niche and consumer behavior trends, enabling them to tailor their products or services for maximum impact.

In essence, they use technology as a means of unlocking potential opportunities in the ever-evolving landscape of modern commerce.

Bihar, a state in eastern India, has produced many successful entrepreneurs who have made significant contributions to the business world.

Here are some of the greatest entrepreneurs from Bihar:

1. Anil Agarwal: Born in Patna, Anil Agarwal is the founder and chairman of Vedanta Resources, a multinational mining company with operations in several countries.

2. Subrata Roy: Hailing from Araria district in Bihar, Subrata Roy is the founder and chairman of Sahara India Pariwar, which has interests in real estate, media, and hospitality among others.

3. Sanjay Kumar Jaiswal: A native of Muzaffarpur district in Bihar, Sanjay Kumar Jaiswal is an entrepreneur-turned-politician who founded his own IT firm before entering politics as a member of parliament representing Paschim Champaran constituency.

4. Sushanto Sinha: Born and raised in Patna, Sushanto Sinha is the co-founder and CEO of IL&FS Investment Managers Limited (IIML), one of India’s largest private equity firms.

5. Sudhir Kumar Mishra: Another successful entrepreneur from Bihar is Sudhir Kumar Mishra who hails from East Champaran district. He founded SMPL Infrastructure Ltd., which specializes in infrastructure development projects such as highways and bridges.

These entrepreneurs have shown that with hard work, determination and vision it’s possible to succeed even coming from less developed parts like Bihar!

One of the most prominent business tycoons in Bihar is Anil Agarwal, founder and CEO of Vedanta Resources, a multinational natural resources company.

Born in Patna, Bihar, Agarwal started his career with a small scrap metal trading company before establishing Vedanta Resources in 1976.

Under his leadership, Vedanta has grown to become one of the world’s largest diversified natural resources companies with operations spanning across metals and mining, oil and gas exploration and production, power generation, and agriculture. 

The company has a global presence with operations in India, Africa, Australia, Europe and South America.Agarwal is also known for his philanthropic activities through the Vedanta Foundation which focuses on education initiatives for underprivileged children and community development projects.

In addition to Agarwal’s success with Vedanta Resources , there are other notable business tycoons from Bihar such as Sanjeev Kumar Singh who founded Surya Roshni Limited – a leading Indian multinational lighting manufacturing firm headquartered in Delhi that specializes in producing LED lighting products.

It’s difficult to crown just one person as India’s No.1 entrepreneur, as there are countless visionary business leaders who have made a significant impact on the country’s economic landscape.

One name that comes to mind is Mukesh Ambani, the chairman and largest shareholder of Reliance Industries. Under his leadership, Reliance has become a conglomerate with interests in petrochemicals, refining, oil and gas exploration, telecommunications, retail and more. Ambani’s net worth is estimated at over $90 billion USD.

Another notable entrepreneur is Ratan Tata, former chairman of Tata Sons. He transformed the group from a traditional steelmaker into an international industrial powerhouse with diverse interests in everything from automotive manufacturing to information technology. His philanthropic efforts through the Tata Trusts have also had a significant social impact across India.

Bhavish Aggarwal is another rising star among Indian entrepreneurs. The co-founder and CEO of Ola Cabs has turned his ride-hailing company into one of India’s most valuable startups by expanding aggressively across multiple cities while innovating with new services like electric vehicles and food delivery.

Other names that could be considered for this title include Azim Premji (Wipro), Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw (Biocon), Vijay Shekhar Sharma (Paytm) and many more.

Ultimately though, it would be unfair to single out just one individual when there are so many exceptional entrepreneurs driving innovation and growth in India today.

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