10 Interesting Facts About Prabhakar Alok (Me)


Actually, I (Prabhakar Alok) am an Introvert person.

  • Too much carefree in my Life.
  • Very much competitive
  • Soft Spoken Person
  • Interests in Social Work
  • An Entrepreneur

Top 10 Interesting facts about Prabhakar Alok

1. I hail from Patna, Bihar

I love this city the most. Here are the few facts about Patna, Bihar.

  • Patna is very secular – like religiously so. An amazing number of festivals are celebrated here with pomp and show.
  • The major ones are Holi and Chhath, although Diwali and Dussehra also cause equal fervour among the junta.
  • Eid and Christmas used to be desolate affairs some decades back, but the residents are taking to these with the renewed vigour of late.
  • There are 4 rivers in Patna -Ganga, Sone, Gandak and Punpun. Some say that the name Patna comes from Sanskrit word “Pattan” which means port. Maybe the confluence of these 4 rivers served as a port.
  • The 10th Guru of Sikhs- Shri Guru Govind Singh Ji was born here and he has spent the early part of his life in Patna.
  • Litti-Chokha: One of the very popular and cheapest food for bachelors, Crowd of student can be seen at the shop after the end of coaching classes.

and many things…

2. I was a Cricketer

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I am a Cricket lover and I was also a Cricket team Captain of my College.

I love to play cricket and also Being an Opening batsman I love to time the ball and also a hard hitter attitude.

Though I am A big fan of MS Dhoni, So I love to do Wicket Keeping.

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3. I Failed as an Entrepreneur

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Yes, It’s true, I am a failure. I have failed in my very first startup named MY22Yards.

But before shutting down, I have achieved something. I have organised so many Cricket Tournaments including Day NIght Tournament, Launched Mobile app, also featured in various newspaper.

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And there are so many media coverages….

4. I love to do Social work kind of things.

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Yeah, I love to do this. I have worked with so many NGO’s like Bhumi, A ray of hope, Bihar Connect etc.

I have led so many social awareness campaigns, Clean Ganga Campaigns.

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I also love to do Blanket Distribution in Winter.

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5. Awarded As Human Icon Award

Getting *Human Icon Award* for Flood relief work in Patna.

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6. Started My Journey in Digital Marketing Era

I realized the fact that firms and business organizations in states like Bihar, Jharkhand and Rajasthan lack their marketing strategies.

main qimg 7de3fc7bba09fd32d065a407639c2c58

In this modern era, where digitization mode of marketing is hiking by hops and bounds, I started a Digital Marketing Company DigiwaleBabu-(Your Marketing Tool Box), to provide all the solutions regarding digitization of marketing.

I have started my Digital Marketing Company in the year 2018. And Yes, I have made a good Client.

7. Started DigitalGurucool

After Success of Digiwalebabu I have launched Digital Gurucool in the year 2019.

I love to train students and I have trained so many.

Few students have also started their own company and they are ranked on google along with me.

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8. Organised Digital Marketing Day, Social Media Day In Patna And Digital Upwass

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I have organised very first-time Digital Marketing Day and Social Media Day In Patna

Patna witnessed the very first time this kind of Digital Events. I am very glad, that Patna’s people responded very well and yeah we have got so many young student entries who zeal to learn about digital marketing.

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9. I have been listed in Top 30 Digital Marketing Expert in India to Follow in 2020

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The price of success is hard work, dedication, and Determination ?

Just wanted to share something with one quote:-

“Keep your #dreams alive. Understand to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination, and dedication. Remember all things are possible for those who believe”

Well, From 2015 (I was in 3rd Year of Engineering) I always wanted to see myself on Google.

But never planned ? and never researched initially like how I can be the top on Google.

But after Completing Btech, I came to my Hometown started some Startups and I have successfully failed in those areas.

Now, After a lot of support from my Partner, I started #Digiwalebabu. And from that day I started dreaming again that how can I be on Google ?.

After lot of hard work, Dedication, Sacrifices I have achieved those things in around 2 months. My profiles are optimizing and My pictures are ranking on Google. My company profiles and my business keywords are ranking on Top of the SERP of Google ?

But I don’t want to stop here. Now, I need more, I am becoming Greedy, I wanted to be recognized as “Best Digital Marketer In India” and guess what within 7 days I have achieved this too.

3,4 days ago I was monitoring the Backlinks and traffic sources of #DigiwaleBabu. And I was so happy when I found a blog Named SoftwareSuggest.

I am featured on that blog and that feeling was like ahh!! I Made it.

I like the Heading of that #BlogPost:-

Top 30 Digital Marketing Expert in India to Follow in 2020

One More Blogger listed me at their website. I.e. Digital Rameshwaram.

main qimg f99a4a2c38e0118ddc59c74da7850c7d pjlq

10. Entrepreneur From Bihar – Prabhakar Alok And Best Digital Marketer in India.

As I Said, I wanted to be recognized as “Best Digital Marketer In India

so, here I Am.

main qimg 4a5ae0c270f2cf4e725a87962e7dc53c pjlq

Entrepreneur From Bihar

main qimg 6cd4acd79b7ce9795da917e3d7f30acd lq

So, This is my Small journey, I have way to go. Its just a beginning.

Many People will Comment “Who Are You” OR “Who Is Prabhakar Alok” and I will be like, Go and google it.

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