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Top 6 facts you know about social media

6 facts you know about social media

Top Social Media Facts

  1. Facebook is generating more revenue than any other social media
  2. Twitter is a real-time dictator
  3. Pinterest
  4. Instagram is engagement king
  5. Snapchat provide 8 billion videos per day
  6. There are more YouTuber then the YouTube audience

Top Social Media Facts

Nowadays, the most popular thing among everyone, including children, is social media.

The excited of social media is to such extent that if someone wants to view news, then the person goes to social media first then afterward goes to the news channel according to the choice.

That’s the main reason every year, more than 40% of the company go digitized because they know about the rate of increment of users in social media.

You can gain more ideas about it via Our Grand elder used to tell the idiom “where there is the flower there is thorn” like social media has both advantages and disadvantages.

Nowadays, people used to think that they know everything about social media, so for them, I am going to prove them wrong. Here I will tell you six facts about social media.

#1. Facebook is generating more revenue than any other social media

Facebook is generating more revenue than any other social media

Facebook has the highest number of users than other social media, i.e., 1.6 billion users across the world. Large companies are digitizing by using Facebook ads marketing as it covers a broad audience.

Nowadays, Facebook has become the marketing hub of all the business startups.

Companies are also making the page on Facebook to get more revenue and more traffic. As the ads marketing of Facebook is quite easy and covers a broad audience, it also attracts the YouTuber and dropshipper facebook charges dollars in return for the Facebook ads. 

In this way, Facebook is generating more and more revenue day by day. Facebook ‘s new Articles ads policies are more friendly than any other social media.

Facebook ‘s users see the most emojis in the Facebook post. It helps a lot to check what the opinion of the user is.

If you want to get more TRP, then reserve your best position on Friday.

As we all know that Facebook has a long history of failing to protect customer data and privacy, this can be justified by some of the big websites, and the result is decrement of the Facebook user.

#2. Twitter is a real-time dictator

Twitter is a real-time dictator

Twitter also covers the right amount of active users i.e., more than above 10 million active users and 100 million broadcasts. It is one of the trustiest social media, and it doesn’t spread humor like all other social media.

You can easily connect the big personalities by following them, and you can directly share your relevant post by mentioning them in a tweet.

According to research by Lithium Technologies, 53% of the users who tweet can expect their answer within 1hour.

One interesting fact about twitter is a tweet sent by women was big on emotional words like sad, love, glad, sick, proud, happy, scared, annoyed. In contrast, tweets sent by men were mostly about sports, technology, politics.

Twitter didn’t invent any hashtag by itself; it was the user who made the hashtag.

#3. Pinterest

Pinterest is the best source to find inspiration

The majority of users say that Pinterest is the best source to find inspiration, plan, creative content, and provide a unique post. More than 150 M users are active on Pinterest.

Pinterest officially developed a tool with elastic search to understand what topic users are interested in, and it is also used to find pinner insight, the audience (their ratio), and accessible content over the Pinterest.

According to research, it has been found that most pinners are between 18 to 29 is the second-best platform in driving traffic as first is Facebook.

Another interesting fact is more than 75% of Pinterest users are mobile users.

4. Instagram is engagement king

Instagram is engagement king

According to the survey, Instagram posts get 308% engagement than Facebook and 1313% more than twitter; this makes Instagram the king of the meeting.

One of the main reasons for this engagement is almost all celebrities in the world, including actors, YouTubers, and famous personalities all are Instagram users.

There is a big race of followers among all the Instagram users, so that’s the reason best and engaged content came up on Instagram. The best time to get more engagement on your posts is between 6 a.m. and 12 p.m because posting volume is low.

#5. Snapchat provide 8 billion videos per day

Snapchat provide 8 billion videos per day

Snapchat has more than 100 Million users who spend 25 to 30 minutes every day on Snapchat and provide 8 billion videos per day.

Its new update feature with audio, video, and texting. Mark Zukerberg (Facebook CEO) had approached Snapchat to buy it and was ready to give over USD 1 billion.

#6. There are more YouTuber then the YouTube audience

There are more YouTuber then the YouTube audience

YouTube has over 1 billion users who watch over 6 billion hours of video every month 300 hours of videos are uploaded to youtube every minute, and youtube get over 30 Million visitors per day that makes the YouTube to preinstalled with phone.

T Series overtakes the PewDiePie in subscriber count and became one of the most subscribed channels in world another fact about youtube is The youngest YouTube star Ryan ToysReview who is six years old he made $11,000,000 in 2017.

Also Carry Minati also made record of 21 Million Subscriber and becomes the no. 1 Youtuber in India.

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