SEO Questions And Answers 2020

SEO Questions And Answers 2020

Hello everyone, this is Prabhakar Alok.

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AMA On SEO By Prabhakar Alok

On 31st May, I (Prabhakar) was invited by Karan to take a session on SEO at Digital Marketing Practitioner Facebook community.

Digital Marketing Practitioner

So, Karan just posted on his community and asked:

Do You Want To Know The Secrets Of Blogging?

No Worries.
Bihar’s Youngest Entrepreneur and Digital Marketer, Prabhakar Alok is LIVE NOW and will answer all your questions related to BLOGGING AND SEO.
Ask now! 

After posting this, peoples went crazy. just see the number of comments in the image.

Prabhakar Alok SEO Session

So, just hang on and read all the SEO questions and answers 2020.

You will definitely find value after scrolling one by one SEO Questions and Answers.

SEO Questions And Answers 2020

SEO Questions and Answers 2020

#1. How to index backlinks? My 8 links are not indexed yet, still waiting to get ranking up! Any solutions?

Step 1: Login to Google Search Console / Webmaster tools.Submit url to webmaster tools

Step 2: Submit the URL to the webmaster, add backlinks URL there, it may rank within 24 hours.

#2. I am working on a long term niche which has a quite nice competition (in almost every keyword, basically medium in every keyword), What can I do in this scenario?

First of all, is the competitor well researched?

If not then,

1) Check from where competitors made backlinks and their on-page strength.

2) Write Relevant articles around 1000-1200 words and insert 10 keywords on them.

3) After this, Submit to the webmaster tools.

4) Start with Quora writing and Pinterest submission.

5) Start making backlinks from medium and blog comments technique and all.

6) And boom your site will start ranking, try and let me know how it goes.

#3. Do we first write a blog (draft) and optimize it for SEO or do it the other way around… Like have an SEO strategy in place and write.

1) First, you have to find keywords related to your blog anyhow.

2) Write keyword-oriented articles on the blog.

3) You will have to smartly use the heading tags on your content.

4) Use H1 one time only on one web blog.

5) Rest, add some images. and save as keyword. (add alt text also)

6) Do On page SEO and Off page SEO

#4. Does updating the content or keywords regularly affect ranking?

I recommend not to change anything for 1 month after sending an article to google for indexing.

After that you can do, and yes if you will change keywords then Google will get confused and your ranking will go down. So, if you change keywords then please resubmit the URL in Google Search console.

#5. You are ranking for “best digital marketer in India”. This is informational intent for search. Give some tips to rank on transactional intent-based keywords.

It’s quite easy. Just follow these steps.

1) List on Google my business.

2) After verifying the listing, you will have to do some simple work.

Eg. Add Description around 750 words in which you have to use keywords.

3) Add Your website link, appointment links, add hours, and all.

4) Add images on a daily basis to your Google My Business Account.

5) Write a keyword-oriented post and publish it on Google my business on a daily basis.

6) Try to ask for reviews from your clients, if you don’t have any, then ask from your friends initially.

7) You can share the post’s link on every possible social media, but you have to add content on posts.

8) You can share the GMB Post’s links on Twitter, Quora, etc.

#6. Can we use Yoast SEO while using the thrive architect? Somehow I am unable to see that SEO section which is present at the bottom of the page.

If you are unable to see anything at the bottom then try to reinstall it. There might be some problems with the Yoast plugin.

#7. Which is the best SEO plugin? Is Yoast SEO/Rankmath automatically updating sitemap? Or manually uploaded by us?

I personally use Yoast SEO, and I submit a sitemap manually on Cpanel and Google Search Console.

Steps to Submit Sitemap:-

Step 1:- Generate your sitemap through XML Sitemap Generator

Generate Sitemap

Step 2:- After generating, please download your XML sitemap without changing the name of sitemap. 


Step 3: And then Submit to google search console or bing webmaster for indexing and crawling.

Submit Sitemap to Search Console

Now Login to your hosting Cpanel.

i) Go to file manager.

ii) Click on public_html folder.

iii) Upload the downloaded Sitemap.

You can use Rank math but as I have never tried it, I can’t say about it.

#8. How to rank for localized keywords?

seo agency in bihar

It’s easy, I have shared on-page SEO techniques in this group also

My strategy is very simple.

1)First I research 10 keywords for each web page.

2) Write 1000 unique and informational SEO friendly content.

3) Use keywords in your images. (Alt text)

4) Now, install Yoast SEO, configure Yoast, and all.

5) Generate sitemap (XML sitemap generator tools)

6) Upload sitemap on CPanel.

7) Now come to On-page SEO.

8) Try to add at least 2 localized keywords on the SEO title of around 60 characters.

digital marketing agency in bihar

Eg.  Digital Marketing Company In Patna | Seo Services In Bihar.

9) SEO Friendly URL ( not more than 4 words)

seo in patna

Eg.- SEO In Patna

10) Try to use the main keywords in the meta description of around 160 characters.

11) Try to put 4-5 keywords as focus keywords.

12) Now follow the off-page SEO technique.

13) You will have to do classified ad submission. Eg just dial, Yellowpages, IndiaMART etc.

#9. Hi, Prabhakar first of all thanks a lot taking your time for this session and Karan for organizing this.

What all things required for SEO and which are the best platform to get that like

  • Domain

  • Hosting

  • SSL

Is there anything else we need to purchase? and Best hacks for one page SEO and Best hacks for off-page SEO?

You can start with:-

Buy Domain from Godaddy.

Hosting From Siteground, A2 hosting or Reseller club.

SSL – Of course Google loves green signals and lock pad.

Best hacks for one page SEO:-

  1. SEO TITLE:- Around 60 characters, in this you can add two keywords.
  2. Meta description;- around 160 characters, You can add 3 to 4 keywords.
  3. Url:- Keyword friendly (max around 4 words)
  4. Focus keyword:- you can use 5 keywords.
  5. Optimize images also.
  6. Read more On-page SEO Techniques in details

Best hacks for off-page SEO?

I love to do blog commenting, Quora submission And also Pinterest submission.

With this, you can bring traffic to your site.

Also, you need to strictly follow more Off Page SEO Techniques.

#10. Recently I have purchased Astra theme, but my page load time is 59 sec how to identify the errors. Is in website coding or at hosting end?

How many plugins have you installed? please show me the screenshot.

List of plugins

Do one thing, remove irrelevant plugins such as Astra widget, Woo Commerce, Sidebar Manager, Wp Portfolio, Wp forms lite, Elementor Header, footer and blocks, Ultimate addon for elementor, Custom adobe fonts, Custom fonts.

Tip 1:- See there are some unnecessary since they have the same function, Make sure to make a backup your website before removing any plugins.

Tip 2:- You can remove contact forms and create a contact form without using any plugins. Just watch the video below.

#11. How can I reduce image size?

You can use tools for that, I recommend image optimization by toolur, it will help to reduce the image size significantly.

You can watch this video also.

#12. Tell some must-have plugins for WordPress.

Best WordPress Plugin which I recommend.

  1. Akismet Anti-Spam
  2. UpdraftPlus – Backup/Restore
  3. Yoast SEO
  4. WP Content Copy Protection & No Right Click
  5. W3 Total Cache
  6. Ninja Forms
  7. AddToAny Share Buttons
  8. Quick Adsense
  9. Smush
  10. Really Simple SSL
  11. Google Analytics Dashboard for WP (GADWP)
  12. Autoptimize
  13. Call Now Button
  14. AMP
  15. MyStickymenu

Here is my detailed post on this. Check it.

#13. Why website loading time is 6 seconds, how can I decrease it? I am using Smush for image optimization.

I don’t use these plugins for Image Optimization, I will recommend you to use image optimization by toolur.

It will reduce the size significantly, which will speed up your site.

You can watch the video and I have explained about Image SEO Optimization in details.

#14. What tools do you use for keyword research?

These are the Keyword researching technique or tools I am using:

  • Google Auto Suggestions.
  • From Competitors Website
  • Ubersuggest and Keyword Planner.
  • For cross-check:- SEMRUSH

#15.Bro what’re your thoughts on doing SEO when it comes to building websites using landing page builders like Clickfunnels and lead pages. I am assuming that it won’t be as effective as a WordPress website but still want to know your thoughts.

If your basics are strong then you can rank anything.

Yes, it might be tough, but if you will do on-page nicely and follow all the parameters of the off-page then you can rank.

Yes if you talk about effectiveness then it might be low but as I said if your basic SEO is clear, you can.

Eg. Use Of Heading tags, Contents, SEO Titles, Meta Description, Image optimization, OffPage SEO factors, and all.

#16. I need backlinks from Forbes, what shall I do?

It’s hard and requires time, Keep trying!

#17. How to get a backlink from Wikipedia?

Make a login page there or you can edit and add your content on dead pages, it takes time.

But If you want to read in details please visit one of my client website. You will know in details about The Fastest & Easiest Way To Get Wikipedia Backlinks

So it’s a wrap. thank you guys for scrolling down.

I hope you have got some valuable info about SEO Questions and Answers 2020.

Peace out!

Prabhakar Alok

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