Google Adwords Questions And Answers

Google Ads Questions And Answers

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Adwords AMA Session By Pranav Jha

On 7th June, Pranav Jha was invited by Karan to take a session on AdWords PPC question and answers at Digital Marketing Practitioner Facebook community.

Digital Marketing Practitioner

So, Karan just posted on his community and asked:

Are your Google Ads not driving results?

AMA Is Live! Ask Your Questions On Google Ads/youtube Ads And Digital Marketing In General!

You can also ask on Agency Management/Clients/Digital Marketing Training too.

Are you really confused when it comes to SEO?

Do you want to know the best hacks and strategies working in the NOW to promote your business using Google Ads?


So, everyone was all set and ready to ask google ads questions and answers 2020.

So, just hang on and read all the AdWords PPC question and answers.

You will definitely find value after scrolling one by one Google Adwords Questions and Answers.

Google Adwords Questions And Answers

Google Adwords Interview Questions And Answers

#1. How can I use Google ads for two of my clients?
i) Refurbished Laptop outlet in a tier 3 town
ii) Web designing company focussed on HTML and bootstrap

Search campaign will work for both campaigns.

Your focus must be for getting quality keywords and structuring your campaign.

for both campaigns, you can use remarketing campaign also in the form of testimonials with a small budget.

Rest I will extend my answer soon with more planning and ideas.

#2. How many keywords we should target in a single ad group?

Generally, we keep 10 keywords in one ad group. 

Further, it all depends upon your requirement but I will suggest starting with 10.

If the campaign is very specific you can also go with limited keywords.

#3. Whats bid strategy is good for eCommerce ads/shopping ads?

If asking bid strategy maximize conversion. May vary as per campaign or budget.

#4. What are the main factors/criteria do you consider while creating a campaign?

Google comes with many objectives like sometimes branding, sometimes business generation

So the following factors will help you in boosting: 

  • Campaign structure
  • Market Study
  • Potential in market
  • Ad copies strength
  • and many other small metrics like ( Conversion, CTR, Cost, Quality score )

#5. How effective is Google display network on first world countries? As in avg CTR, CPC for US on GDN.

I always come with a limited audience trying with a wider audience may be a risky game.

The display network is really good with Remarketing and In-market audience.

#6. If I want someone to hire for Google Adwords and youtube where can I find them?

Do you want to hire someone then Upwork and in India, a lot of people are good in Google ads.

#7. What do you prefer google ads are best or Facebook ads are best for driving results?

No comparison. My first love is Google Ads so I am biased here. 

and it depends upon the objective.

I always ask my client:-

  • What is your target audience?
  • What do you want to achieve?

then we conclude something. So, sometimes Facebook is better and sometimes Google.

#8. Is retargeting/remarketing is the best practice in google search ads?

Everyone will say yes as the Audience is aware of your product. 

It works for all industry.

An example is Amazon for product base and for service base, you will see 1000’s of service-based is running ads.

#9. In terms of conversions, How do Google ads work for e-commerce Businesses?

It works well but conversion is a bit higher in some cases.

One of my close friends is really doing well in women apparel but in most of the cases, he gets success in Facebook ads.

#10. What should be the minimum budget to start with YouTube ads for a personal brand?

You must run as the CPV model is very cheap and you can start with 100 RS also. Our most of the query get converted after seeing our video ads, you have also seen my ads so highly recommended.

#11. What is the type of budget a business should be looking at to provision for Google ads? Say for FB ads if we are spending X, how much more will it be for Google ads?

Budget depends upon the objective.

We give a set of questions to users like:

  • Number of leads required
  • What is your target audience?

Need to understand ROI also before running ads else you may spend an unnecessary amount

Then we finally conclude the budget.

#12. Which top 5 industries or niches where Google ads are working very well?

  • Education
  • Real Estate
  • Coworking
  • Legal Services
  • Web Industry
  • Ecom also as a bonus 

Running ads for some secret industry also that is tough to reveal.

#13. How can we make the best use of Google Ads, if we want to launch a Social Media Platform of our own?

Increase your Google Analytics data and use your google analytics data for your Google Ads campaigns.
You can use in many ways:

  • Remarketing
  • Specific ads or specific Audience

#14. Is google ads hard to learn?

It’s quite easy to learn Google Ads.
A lot of resources available on the youtube and on all platforms.

My suggestion go step by step:-

  • Like first search campaigns
  • Then display
  • then remarketing
  • Then Video, Gmail
  • Then Rule and scripts
  • Then finally play with your data

#15. How different is Keyword research for a Google ad in comparison with SEO?

Here the intent is business so the keyword is based on buying intent. 

In SEO we also go with search Intent as the user takes time to buy

Buying intent can be applied in SEO also but we keep both aspects.

Google ad result is an instant one.

#16. What strategies should we use for YouTube subscribers?

If you are looking to increase your subscriber increase need to work on specific settings and focus on in-stream ads. 

And in network setting try to keep your videos in either search mode or in between videos.

And also apply final URL as subscription base URL.

#17. How to Optimize Display Ads Campaign?

Your placement and Topic selection must be really strong apart from that ad copy must be perfect.

Remove non-performing creatives and replicate in different ads also. 

Rest a lot of analysis on the basis of following metrices like:

  • Conversion
  • CTR
  • Cost of Conversion

#18. What is Ad Rank?

Ad rank means where your ad is ranking in Google search, it plays an important role in improving your overall campaign performance.

#19. How to optimize YouTube video campaign and How to decrease our CPC costing?

CPV and CPM work for YouTube videos.

So you must pick your in-between videos only and keep checking conversion and other metrices.

For reducing CPC there is a lot of aspect in search and display campaign like:

  • Your quality score must be good
  • Keyword and ad copy relevancy
  • Conversion is well optimised and a good set of leads for applying well-tested bid strategy.

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