Story Life Of Digital Marketers

Life Story Of Digital Marketers

Hello everyone, This is Prabhakar Alok.

I hope you guys are keeping safe in the pandemic days.

So, Today I am going to write about the life story of every digital marketers.

I am an active SEO Player in Digital Marketing Practitioner facebook community.

So, Randomly I was scrolling feeds on DMP group and I found a curious post from Karan parwani.

Look at the image below.

Digital marketer life story

So, I just decided to compile all the comments from this post and you can read and knows about the everyone’s Digital Marketers Life Story.

So, Are you guys ready to know about the Digital Marketing Experts Story?

life Of digital marketers

Okay, So, lets start.

Sharath Simha says I actually started of 2 other core business & Digital Marketing was never in the picture. Later when I started seeing leads through Digital Marketing, it made me realize the potential of it.

Also the fact that my current 2 businesses somewhere has up sell of Digital Marketing as one of the potential.


We register private limited companies through out chartered accountants.

I started observing that these startups were not on digital platform.

So I started seeing the opportunity of mentoring them the potential it can give them by going digital.

So there it is my story. What started of as 2 core businesses have become 3 now.

Rahul Singh says 6 years NEET preparation. Finally samajh aya one fine day that I don’t want to be a doctor. ( I understand that, I never wanted to be a doctor)

so I started exploring, tried couple of things (teaching, music, guitar, writing, banking jobs etc.) and finally I realized I have always been interested in knowing how things rank on Google so started looking for it.

Figured out about SEO, then digital marketing and then content marketing. took a digital marketing course, then provided my content writing services and then fell in love with Funnels and Facebook Ads.

Trying to figure out everything in Facebook ads, Google ads and Funnels currently.

Maza aa raha hai ( I am Enjoying a lot).

Sohom Bakshi Says Mummy-papa– hamara beta 10th k baad science lega. (Mom and dad discussed that our son will take Science Course after his 10th Exam).

Me- Okay, sounds interesting.

My Mom and Dad- hamara beta engineering krega (Our son will go to engineering college)

Me: Okay, sounds cool.

Mom and Dad- Beta government job ki prepare krega. (After engineering, Our Son will prepare for Government job).

Me- (After getting frustrated by education system & watching few motivational movies) Abhi to main drop-out krunga or Entrepreneurial journey start krunga. (I will dropout and will start my Entrepreneurial Journey)

After doing 2-3 months research chosen digital marketing because then it’s in boom.

And I am not any passionate digital marketer but I have passion in doing business.

So, I know that digital marketing is the thing which can give me various opportunities to work with different business.

So, I opted for it & with it since last 2.5 yrs almost.

More to say.. but aaj ke liye bs itna hi. (I want to say more, but its enough for today)

Sarang Surendra Bhirad says I started to notice Facebook ads from Amazon and other eCommerce websites.

I did not realize those were ads. I thought those were just normal posts.

So I tried creating similar posts.

You know. A post with a picture, a button called Shop Now, and headline with it.

The more I searched, the more I learnt that these are ads, and not regular posts.

Slowly slowly I started exploring the digital field, began writing, then blogging, then self learning, implementing, courses, internship, job and now totally immersed in this.
Sahil Kanojiya says I started applying for internships through internshala in my last year of college just for time pass as that was my final year- final semester of engineering and we have easy subjects in final sem and already had cracked campus placement of around 28 lakhs INR, so life was set.

Since I have applied in my last, I only had the option of work from home internships and in that most of internship were of content writing.

So after few rejection , I got selected for 4 internships in which two were paying me around 5k each, other was unpaid and last one was paying around 15,000 INR.

Again life was set.

But, The one which was giving me 15k made me write articles like hell and since I was new to this Digital World I was too excited and used to submit like sincere students. Since it was news portal they used to give articles at random timing and I used to finish it.

Some of my articles started ranking in first page and then I started learning about SEO. they just used to give work and never taught anything . SEO was being done by their team.

There was even a time when I used to write live commentary for them during IPL time and my friends use to enjoy the same match.

But twist came when I was expecting my 15k as stipend. They started giving excuses like CA is working, legal things, blah blah and when I inquired with other content writers on their portal I came to know that they have not paid anyone.

Complaining to internshala was of also no use. so, instead of abusing their HR which many of my fellow interns did, I bought domain, hosting and made similar website like them (news portal).

Hired interns like them though my offer for stipend was less ( 1500₹ each interns and also some were unpaid tbh ) but I trained them in very best possible manner and i can say each one worked delicately and were super happy to work on that website.

In next 8 months, we crossed their website traffic and also alexa rank and We achieved alexa rank of around 14k.

And even made decent amount of money through adsense and guest post. The day I crossed alexa rank and traffic ( though I used SEMRush for seeing their traffic and its not 100% correct and alexa rank is now not that much of use but tbh that time I didnt have so deep knowledge, Just was good in onpage seo and how to bring traffic )

I took screenshot of alexa semrush and my GA and send to their HR trainer. Though this was very stupid of me to do but that I felt this is the best way.

So, this is how i started my digital marketing journey.

After few month I had to join my placement so could not devote much time so I sold that website.
Krishna Arora says Phle accidental marketer bana fir accidental digital marketer. (First I became Marketer, then became Accidental Digital Marketer)

I had a business idea related to customizable shoes so I approached the right people to do the job for me but for some reason it couldn’t come to life.

I joined them temporarily realizing then that they had no online presence and I created the online presence for them from scratch and hence accidentally falling in love with marketing.
Anmol Duggal says Started off in 2016 from a Network Marketing Company who sold websites and trained people in Digital Marketing but then 90% effort was asked to put into selling instead of teaching Digital Marketing.

But I took matter into my own hands, started learning stuff myself, earned through adsense, and then within 6 months spoke on stage about blogging, trained people in digital marketing about Copywriting, Affiliate Marketing, Content Marketing, SEO, SMO, Web Analytics, Email Marketing, and then landed a job in digital marketing in a corporate company.

Worked there from 2017 as an Email Marketer, HTML Email Designer, Blog Writer, etc and then in 2019 started my own company in Jammu, training people in digital marketing, providing Digital marketing services and ran my own Affiliate Marketing projects.

And the journey is continuing since then…

Rauf Ahmed says Fascinating word for me was laptop did a few workshops in Microsoft excel and so on that wanted to do something related to Laptop.

And got to know about Digital Marketing luckily a good offline course was the stepping stone for me and then focused on creating creating content and its importance and now in love with Digital marketing.

Jitesh Chaudhary says Once upon a time in 2019 BC (before COVID) my brother suggested me to join Digital marketing course, as I have keen interest in technology and good marketing sense, so I chooses digital marketing, after the class completion I was enough clear about digital marketing concepts.
But still never implemented on a practical basis and still waiting to apply my knowledge on a practical basis, but don’t know from where to start and how to start.
But still am regularly connected with Digital marketing feeds to get myself updated
(This is the beginning of my story… soon post my ongoing journey as well).
Gowardhan Doddi says I started blogging in 2011 through (live till date), to get rich quickly through adsense, that was the common sense I had at that time.
Soon I understood it is not possible to get rich just with adsense, stared few more blogs and failed.
One fine day diabetes stuck me, felt devastated and depressed, then an idea stuck in my mind, my problem is diabetes and my passion is blogging.
Let me combine these both. It worked and in the process of growing the community I have learnt SEO, Social media, WordPress, email marketing conversion optimization and selling.
Finally was able to generate a revenue of around 50k/month working passively.
In 2019 I understood companies are looking for Digital marketing guys, so I showcased my diabetes blog to get my first digital marketing job in hyderabad with Mnc.
I am helping them with inbound marketing. Parallely I am building a community of Digital Marketing Professionals with Niche expertise which is called Nichemarketers.

Mohammed Toufiq says I was in Telemarketing lately, got to know about Digital Marketing and the modules in it.

I started working as an SEO intern in a small agency and now got 1 year experience in this digital marketing industry.

Looking forward to learning new skills and take existing skills to another level.

Twissha Roy says Having worked for 12 yrs in the Software industry, I wanted to work in B2C area where I can interact with real people. Even after switching jobs, it always felt the same no more real kick in the job.
Lots of company policies, time restrictions, robotic lifestyle was killing my creativity. Later for 2 yrs I supported my family business by automating all paperwork and giving them digital media facelift. I worked a lot on FB page and Instagram account.
Then I seriously started thinking to explore more on digital marketing as a career. I thought why not leverage my communication and technical skills.
Fortunately came across a course at a time when I cancelled attending one Digital marketing event in Gurgaon.
I quickly enrolled in an online course and thus began my Digital marketing journey.
It’s a learning phase for me and I look forward to great future endeavors.
So far so good and I really like my new job role in this Digital marketing world.
Happy weekend!

So, guys, that’s it, I tried to cover relevant Life story of Digital Marketers.

I hope you will guys love this post, If you do so kindly share this post in your community or in you whatapp groups or where ever you can!

Thanks so much

Peace Out!

Prabhakar Alok

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