Social Media Day

Social Media Day

Social Media Day In Patna, Bihar

.A day dedicated to Social Media celebrate annually on 30th June.

This day is to remember and observe how social media has glorified our lives by removing the barrier called distance, no matter in which part of a country you are you can stay connected to your family and friends it’s just because of social media.

Social media have redefined our lives by keeping us connected with our loved ones.

 The introduction of Social Media

It was the year 2002 when the first Social media platform came into existence which is known as Friendster and just next year, Myspace came. These both take social media in mainstream.

Now its time for something big, the idea popped into the mind of Mark Zuckerberg in the mid of 2004, and that idea is non-other than the King of Social media FACEBOOK.

The introduction of Facebook bring a revolution in the world, and soon the awareness of people increased and this is the start of the modern era of Social Media.

As the curiosity of people increased, social media get its new shape and Modification. With time, we got more platform such as Twitter, and then Instagram which allows us to share pictures and video with our friendly community.

Then we got the giant of all YouTube a place where nothing seems impossible whether it’s about a needle or rocket science. YouTube has everything in his grip.

Social Media are being a revolution in human civilization. Social media give us the power to interact with those whom it’s impossible to meet. Whether it’s an old friend or a family member. With the help of social media, you can be connected and updated with your friends, mates, colleague, family members, loved ones.

Social media are the thing which removes the word distance from our life. We are close to those whom we love.

The Day of 30th June is all about Social media, the revolutionary concept which changes the thinking of human civilization.

Celebrating 1st Social Media Day In Bihar By Digiwalebabu

We at the Digiwalebabu, the Best Digital Marketing Agency of Bihar took this initiative to make the people aware about Social media and its benefits. 

Digiwalebabu Coverage by Dainik Bhaskar

It’s for the First time when the city of Patna, Bihar is Going to celebrate the Social Media Day. To grab the attention of more people we launched a contest which is specially designed by our team to get more people enrolled. Click here

In this contest, you have to click a selfie with a special frame of Social media day, and send it to us, and we will post it on our all social media handling and you have to grab likes as much as you can.

This contest will last on 29th June 2019 and one with most likes will be the winner and get a Free!! Portfolio Website by Digiwalebabu. 

Use #selfiewithdigiwalebabu and #socialmediaday when posting to remind others of this day.

Join this competition and make this initiative of Digiwalebabu successful.

SMM2 01

Mark the date 30th of June and don’t forget to participate in the Social media day contest by Digiwalebabu and get a chance to win a free portfolio Website.


Celebrate #socialmediaday in Bihar.
A Step towards creating a Digital Bihar by celebrating #SocialMediaDay on 30th June Organized by #DigiWaleBabu.
-> Event is going to start on 10th June from 10 A.M Onwards.
-> Send us your selfie (should portray one person)
-> We will feature it on our #Facebook and #Instagram Page and we’ll provide you with the link.
-> Share the given link as much as you can to get maximum LIKES.
-> Picture with Maximum Likes will be announced as the winner.
-> Winning Picture will get a FREE PORTFOLIO Website from @digiwalebabu
-> Likes will be counted till 29th June 10 P.M.
-> Results will be announced on 30th June 2019.
-> A meet-up will be arranged regarding the contest. Stay Tuned for more with our Instagram profile
NOTE:– USE #SelfieWithDigiwalebabu to win this contest
For More Details Contact us on +91-8952985328 or Mail us on
Participation LINK in BIO:–

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