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Digital Marketing Interview Questions and Answers


Digital Marketing Interview Questions and Answers – [ Top 45 Questions and Answers ]

Before going for interview related to digital marketing you must have to prepare with numerous of questions and also clear about various points.

While going for interview in any digital marketing field firstly you start with your digital marketing CV, which written excellent.

Following are some questions and answers on Digital Marketing which might help you to prepare before your interview.

Q1. Why do you want go in digital marketing Industry?

Answer – I decided to go in digital marketing because of the massive opportunity in the digital marketing space today. Also the pace of innovation and it is constantly staying ahead.

one of the growing areas of online business, Having the opportunity to work very closely with some of the biggest brands.

Q2. What is digital marketing?

Answer – Digital Marketing that use electronic devices, mainly internet for promotion of goods and services, build preference and increase sales through various digital marketing techniques.

Q3. What are the various types you categorize Digital Marketing?

Answer – Digital marketing have various ways about reaching customers or attract customers through marketing campaign.

SEO (search engine optimization), PPC (pay per click advertising), Social media marketing, content marketing, email marketing, website marketing and so on.

People are more connected and interact faster online. Thus, digital marketing helps their clients to market their products and also reach to their customers.

Q4. Why digital marketing is more preferred than offline Market?

Answer – Most people preferred digital marketing because it provides numerous benefits to clients. It is relatively inexpensive from offline marketing and also easily connected with customers.

Q6. What are the top digital marketing tools?

Answer – Some popular digital marketing tools are:

  • Google analytics
  • keyword planner
  • Buzzsumo
  • Mail chimp

Q7. Are there any limitations of digital marketing?

Answer – With lots of benefits it has also some limitations:

  • There are still many industry and areas where internet marketing is incapable of generating a trust and sale of the product or the service.
  • Still, 50% of the world does not have access to the internet and there are many such areas where people are not even literate enough to access the internet.
  • Cyber Crimes are increasing day by day as well as the scams that leave a fear in the mind of the people and leaves internet marketing vulnerable.

Q8. Tell me about SEO? What is keywords and how it is important in SEO?

Answer – Search Engine optimization or SEO which performed for improvement of search engine ranking and visibility of websites and allows increasing traffic quality through organic search engines.

Keyword is that word or phrase that is mostly searched by users. It is important because it drive Targeted traffic for business.

Q9. How will you check the number of backlinks to your competitor’s site?

Answer – Using link operator on Google and various external tools like Backlink finder, Open Site Explorer, Backlink Watch, Alexa etc. one can know the number of backlinks to their competitor’s site.

Q10. Could you tell us about an outstanding digital campaign?

Answer – In digital marketing, if we start early and plan carefully we can build demand for what we’re about to release, and then turn that demand into customers when we’re ready to launch.

It’s quiet; we don’t go out making a loud statement. We just need to reach the right people at the right time.

Q11. What are backlinks?

Answer – Backlinks, also called “inbound links” or “incoming links,” are created when one website links to another. The link to an external website is called a backlink.

Q12. What are the common SEO mistakes while producing digital content?

Answer – 

  • Not Going Social
  • Ignoring the Mobile Users
  • Not Mastering the Keywords
  • Not Structuring Website Properly

Q13. What do you enjoy most about working in digital marketing?

Answer – Answer these questions with honesty. Consider your area where you enjoyed working in. And also be careful not to just go for easy tasks. The employer wants to hear that you enjoy being challenged and is again looking for an insight into who you are as a candidate.

Q14. Where do you see yourself in five years’ time in the digital marketing sector?

Answer – With this questions the employer wants to see how ambitious you are, how much ambition you have and to see how much you’ve thought about where your career

If you’re interviewing for a digital marketing executive role, you could say you’d like to be a digital marketing manager either in-house or in an agency – which will show the employer you’re keen to progress and take on extra responsibility – possibly at their business.

On the other hand, if you’re applying for a digital marketing manager vacancy, you could say you see yourself in a Head of Digital role – or running your own digital marketing agency.

Q15. How are you going to rate yourself on the scale 1 to 10 based on your knowledge in the field of Digital Marketing knowledge?

Answer – Make sure neither to overestimate nor to underestimate yourself.
Through this question, the interviewer intends to learn if you are acquainted with your strengths as well as weaknesses. According to this they see that you only focus on your strength or weakness or both.

Do analyze what knowledge and skills you possess and the quantum of work you need to learn.

Q16. What made you attract for this position in digital marketing?

Answer – With these questions, the employer wants to know what made you apply here. Your answer needs to reflect the job advert and the business you’d be working in.

For perfect answer, you could say that you applied because you wanted to work for one of the best employers in the area and the opportunity sounded perfect in terms of taking the next step in your career.

Q17. How has your degree helped your digital marketing career?

Answer – If you have a degree which isn’t necessarily directly related to marketing or digital marketing. Similarly, if you have a degree in Economics or Maths, you might want to talk about how your degree has benefited you when you’ve had to manage budgets and calculate daily spend allowances for PPC campaigns.
With this question, the employer wants to know what skills and knowledge you picked up at university that could benefit their business in the long run.

Q18. What do you like least about working in digital marketing?

Answer – Don’t dislike any part of working in the digital marketing industry? Sorry but I think you’re fibbing! And the employer will too! Why? Because there’s always something, big or small, that everyone dislikes about their job.
Think about which parts of your last job you dreaded and why – and consider what bugbears you have with the industry. Above all, be honest! You never know; the employer might feel the same way – and it might convince them to take you on.

Similarly, if you voice your dislike of a particular task now, the employer might end up tweaking your role if they do take you on to ensure you don’t have to do something you don’t’ like.

Q19. What is Google AdWords?

Answer – Google AdWords is an advertising service by Google for business who wanted to display ads on Google. These ads shown at top and bottom of the website which we search on Google.

Besides this, it works on PPC (Pay per click), which means you pay the price you quoted.

Q20. What are the things that you prefer most in the field of Digital Marketing?

Answer – Say about the matter that you like related to this field. Consider the tasks you are looking ahead to for including in your day and the areas you do enjoy working the most.
Don’t just opt for those ‘easy-going’ tasks. Do talk about taking up challenges you are capable of meeting.

Q21. Can you mention any biggest challenge in your digital marketing career so far?

Answer – This is a tricky question as they want to know how you deal with the challenges.
Before you answer think carefully and it is fine to answer which resulted in a failure if you have learnt from it and how you could successfully implement later.
If you have a successful story, try to convince your future employer with this. Surely you will get through the interview.

Q22. How do you deal with unknowns?

Answer – In this question, you have to show, how you tackle with different situation. You can answer these questions in a positive way.

Even when everything is clearly laid out in a contract or marketing strategy, the best agencies have a plan in place for the unplanned. Embrace unknowns as opportunities to grow and pivot when necessary.

Q23. What are the main areas where keywords used to optimize website ranking?

Answer – Keyword optimization is also known as keyword research. It is researching, analyzing and selecting best keyword for website to drive maximum traffic to your from search engines

Q24. How do you stay updated with new digital marketing trends?

Answer – You can keep yourself-updated by visiting News, subscribe to various channels to get updated and updates site related digital marketing like :-

The Moz Blog, Econsultancy, Marketing Land, Digital Marketing Magazine, Smart Insights.

Q25. What are the measures you take up for keeping yourself updated with the news and latest trends in the field of Digital Marketing?

Answer – This question is commonly asked. As because the area of digital marketing is very dynamic in nature, it is essential to stay updated with books, blogs, podcasts, and webinars.
Don’t simply say anything that you didn’t do till date for keeping yourself updated with digital marketing news or else the follow-up question can lead you into trouble.

Q26. How your experience of digital marketing benefited business?

Answer – With this question the employer wants to know your experience and efficiency in digital marketing. so, you can answer these question with your past experience. The employer is really asking what differentiates you from the rest of the applicants – so think carefully about what makes you unique (in terms of your digital marketing skills, knowledge, experience and contacts) and how this could have a positive effect on the business.

Q27. Does blog is important for digital marketing?

Answer – Yes, it is important for both digital marketing and business too either it is small or big business. It can help to improve business goodwill and increase awareness of your product.

Boost Search Engine Optimization. It develops Relationships with Potential and Existing Customers-Blogging allows you to connect with your site visitors.

Q28. How Should We Be Using Facebook For Marketing?

Answer – As Facebook is social media platform to connect people but it also a best platform for marketing of brands worldwide.

Maximum visibility at minimum cost and it can help build your business for the future.

Q29. Tell us about LinkedIn and Google+ as a source for marketing.

Answer – Google Plus (Google+) is a social media platform owned by Google. Google Plus really has helped SEO efforts and my online marketing.

Google Plus posts promoting other blog posts, with several of them being highly ranked by Google for the same keyword phrase is mind-boggling.

LinkedIn is different from other social media outlets because it’s designed for business and professionals. It is a valuable tool for not only driving traffic, but prospecting, establishing thought leadership, as well as recruiting.

Q30. Why video Marketing is important these days?

Answer – Video Marketing is important in this era because people mostly prefer watching videos to reading. Video Marketing can attract as much people as images. Video is easily understandable and it is liked by various people.

Q31. Does a company need a blog for social media marketing

Answer – Blog is very important for every business. Blogs can helps to increase the awareness of brands, Stay top of mind as many people can check their social profile multiple times and it gives opportunity to connect with followers every time they log in.

Q32. What are the place where keywords are best suited To Optimize The Site Ranking?

Answer – 

  • In Website URL
  • In Website Title
  • In Meta tag
  • Keyword in Web page content
  • Keyword density in body text
  • Keywords in Headlines

Are some areas where use of keywords is best suited for better page rankings..!!

Q33. Do I Need To Send An Email Newsletter?

Answer – Newsletter is not important for every business it different approach works better, but for some business it is the way to go ahead.

Newsletters usually feature several different pieces of content, such as recent blog posts and current specials. But it’s also perfectly fine to send an email featuring only one piece of content, or an individual marketing message. Tailor your email structure to your unique audience, and see what works best through experimentation.

Q34. How Long Should My Emails Be?

Answer – The average person will only spend about 20 seconds reading an email, so use that as a guideline. If your email will take longer than 20 seconds to read, make sure that the most important information, as well as your call to action and links, is located near the top, where they can be seen without having to scroll down.

Q35. How can you improve conversion rates?

Answer – Pay careful attention to headline, especially on landing page, include a simple video on landing pages, include social media follower as social proof helps reduce risk and increase conversions.

Q36. What is difference between direct marketing and branding?

Answer – The focus of brand marketing is towards building awareness. It’s about announcing that e commerce venture is up and running and telling people what it does, with a whole lot of zing. It is eloquent, creative, hoity-toity and attention grabbing.

Whereas direct marketing is about directly telling people what your business is about and giving them the option to do business with you right away.

Q37. How Can I Increase My Click-through Rate?

Answer – Amazingly, people are much more likely to do something if you simply ask them to. By placing a call to action in your email, specifically asking subscribers to “click here” or “shop now,” you’ll see a boost in your click-through rate.

Q38. How Do I Write A Great Call To Action?

Answer – Your call to action should be very clear, and very simple. It should be somewhere towards the top of your email for those who won’t finish reading the whole email, and then repeated again at the end for those who do read all the way through.

It should spell out exactly what you want subscribers to do, such as, “Click here to download our report.”

Q39. Is Outreach An Important Part Of Social Media Marketing?

Answer – Guest blogging is one of the most effective and widely discussed methods of outreach, Social media gives you access to people who don’t know about your business already.

Q40. Do you find anything wrong with the digital marketing tactics that we are adhering to right now? How would you like to change it? 

Answer – Here comes that question demanding you to be well acquainted with everything regarding the company you have applied for.
Thus, it is always better to conduct a research and minutely go through the website of the company, check its social media profiles and also get a complete idea regarding their clients.
It will help you to answer the question thrown to you strategically.
It is good to point out the mistakes hitched to their company but doesn’t land up with a particular solution.
Here you can go with proving these 3 points when answering to the above-mentioned question:
You have carefully assessed the prevailing tactics and the strategies of the company. You are very honest about their shortcomings which you have identified. Offer few effective strategies for proving that you are beyond the critics.

Q41. How are you going to set up-track-analyze whether a campaign you conducted was a success?

Answer – Here discuss regarding the campaign’s driving goal which can vary from enhancing brand awareness, lead generation or boost up social media followers.
As per the objective of the campaign, there is the need to lay out strategic planning.
You need to talk regarding tracking the campaign’s progress via Google Analytics or any other sort of monitoring tool for staying updated with the progress of the campaign.
Explain the manner you are going to take a leap. It is essential that you minutely mention your visions upon which you can act.

Q42. Which is essential: engagement numbers or the likes/followers?

Answer – Now, it’s again a tricky question!
In case you are not curious enough and don’t like to explore, you will never get to know that social media is not just about the number of followers or likes.
If those followers and likes don’t convert into sales or boost your business, what is the point to run after increasing them?
Therefore, it is the engagement that is better than those followers or likes.

Q43. In digital marketing industry, where are you expecting to see yourself after five years?

Answer – This tricky question asked in almost all interviews and your commitment, passion, interest and career plan is measured based on how you are going to answer this question.
The interviewer intends to learn if you are the right candidate for whom the investment can be done or not.
Note: Don’t talk about personal aspirations. Instead, discuss the following things:
Professional goal scorer strengths- the way they can help the company Interest in the job profile you have applied.

Q44. Are you aware of SEO techniques?

Answer – YES, There are two types of SEO techniques:

White Hat SEO it includes high quality content development, website HTML optimization and restructuring, link acquisition campaigns supported by high quality content and manual research and outreach.

Black Hat SEO or Negative SEO which includes link spam, keyword stuffing, cloaking, hidden text, and hidden links.

Q45. Best way of getting a natural backlink to your site.

Answer – Some of the best ways of getting a natural backlink to your site are blog commenting, article marketing, social networking site profile, link exchange, etc.



It would be ideal if you recollect that there are other questions and answers on Digital Marketing too. Nonetheless, we have conveyed to you the most valuable and normal questions and answers on Digital Marketing that would assist you with facing any interview with certainty!

Go on and begin the Digital Marketing profession of your fantasy.

All the best!

Thank You..!!

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