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A Day Without Digital Gadget – #DigitalUpwaas

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(Last Updated On: 30/12/2020)

Hello Folks , Hope you all are good.

I am writing this blog at 11:39 pm on 2nd June 2019???? And This is My 100th Blog. I am very much excited and I have completed my 1st Century in my Blogging Career 🙂

I Couldn’t be happier to share this with you all 🙂

Now come to the topic Digital Upwaas.

Ahhh!!! It was very very tough day for me ????, I repeat it was a tough day. I haven’t used my cell phone, my laptop, my any digital gadget .

Let me tell you about my one of the most challenging day of this month (June), i.e. #DigitalUpwaasChallenge.

Now you must be confused with the word #DigitalUpwaasChallenge isn’t?

Let me know you about The #DigitalUpwaas.

Digital Upwaas is all about a day away from all the digital gadgets and Internet.

A day of social life instead of social media. The initiative of DigiwaleBabu Successful by taking the #DigitalUpwassChallenge
A day to social life.
Digital addiction is on rising! We need to decrease this.

However, Sorav Jain’s idea is to challenge yourselves to live a life without digital for a day!

So, I took this #DigitalUpwassChallenge from Patna, Bihar. Where I take up the challenge of not using my cell phone for a day, will connect with myself and be more aware of a digital-less life.

Let me tell you, I am more than 70% Digital Addict person. so, this #DigitalUpwaas is tough to survive for me. Somehow I manage to do that.

Why We Should Need #DigitalUpwaas?

According to an estimate, more than 55 billion text messages and 4.5 trillion photos are being shared on whatsapp everyday, this digital connection has tightened our life so that our burden of information has begun to knock on our lives.

How much harm is happening to us that the exhaustion of the screen, the ambiguity in understanding, the excessive burden of information, is affecting the happiness and daily actions of our youth and our daily lives.

I’m not saying that you do not have updates from social devices but do not apply addiction. Just check it out every day, stay away from what Facebook and WhatsApp are going on in your lives.

It’s better that we read books instead of social media, play in parks, participate in social activities. As we organize the books and items in our kitchen, in the same way, our thoughts, which are disorganized and tense in the brain Let’s start writing them on paper.

With this, our mind will be systematic and memory will also be intensified, otherwise, we will gradually get rid of the brain cells and will be forced to live in unhygienic life.

In these days, the health of women and its very bad side effects on the brain will start to appear.

It’s a matter of around 1990. All the talented children who complete their studies from good engineering, medical, law, accounts or any other field, foreign companies immediately recruit toppers and take them abroad.

This period was very much the period of competition. Brain Drain had become a national problem and a fiery issue.

Threaded issue in TV, newspapers, radio, gatherings, seminars and debates. Youth were unable to serve the nation even after staying in the country, but the identity of the world leader of India was again alive.

Anyways, Lets come to the topic. ????

I will tell you what I have done on this Digital Upwaas Day.

So, At 6 o’clock, I woke up and literally, I am searching my phone. Then I realised that I have taken a #DigitalUpwaasChallenge. and my phone is locked in bag. So, I get up and get ready for Work Out.

I asked my coach to shoot some videos and pictures ???? then he clicked some awesome pictures and videos. After 2 hour work out, I came home and taken bath from my Fav Shower Gel.

Then, I have taken Protein Shake, and 6 Egg without yolk. I was feeling like, how can I survive without my cell phone, internet. But somehow I manage to do. In this mean time I have watched some TV Shows like MTV Roadies, Super Dancer 3, WWE shows, The Kapil Sharma Show etc.

Around At 1 o’clock, I went for Digiwalebabu’s Office, I haven’t planned for any work in office. When I reach there, I played some Ludo game, Truth and Dare Game, dumb charades Game etc with our team members.

We had also discussed our next move towards Digital Marketing things. I am glad I have got some really enthusiast member in Digiwalebabu Family ????

Suddenly, My childhood friend Mr. Nihar came to office and asked to play Cricket Match and I was like wow, my day gonna be awesome.

am a Cricket lover and I was also a Cricket team Captain of my College. So, I said let’s Go Bro!! We need break from work too.

When we reached to ground, I am very much excited and eagerly waiting for the toss????.

Fortunately, We won the toss and elected to Bat first. I am going to open the inning. I am playing cricket after so long time. Thanks to Sorav Jain‘s #DigitalUpwaasChallenge.

So, it was 10 over game per side. Initially, I am building my innings with 1’s☝ and 2’s ✌. After 3 over I started hitting ball hard and playing some chikky shots.

In 5 over, we scored 36 runs with loss of 2 wickets and I am still there on the score of 25* runs. Now, Its time to accelerate the inning. I smacked 2 huge sixes in this 6th Over. Now our score increases and we are at good position now.

I am glad that I have scored Fifty runs and got run out in 9.5 overs.

Our Score was 10 Over 87 runs. Now its time to defend this huge total. It was huge total for opponent because the ground was big and the weather was windy

Now, Its time for Second Inning, I was doing Wicket Keeping. And guess what?

On the second ball, I had a great catch It was tough but I made it. So, we are going great with bowling and I also bowled 3 Overs, given 21 runs and taken 3 wickets and 2 Catches.

And Finally, we won the match by 27 odd runs✌

After winning the match, we went for Chicken Roll party. I also drink my favorite Soft drink which is Mountain Dew.

I came home taken shower and guess what???

I Have opened my Mobile Phone and dialed a number. What are you thinking??

Yes, I called my Life Partner (S) ❤ and I broke my fast (#DigitalUpwaas) by talking to her. It’s about 23 hours that I haven’t spoken with her????

But at the end We talked ❤.

So, At the end I want to tell some advantage and disadvantage of #DigitalUpwaas


  • No digital headache
  • Time for yourself
  • You can give time to your family, friends
  • Relaxing
  • No depression, anxiety, jealousy


  • Communication is tough without Digital
  • Lack o Awareness
  • Things which is done in a seconds with gadgets will take hours to complete without gadgets.
  • We can’t pay online bill and we can’t transfer money too.

Now, it’s 3:12 am and It’s time to say Bbbyee!!

So, this is all about #DigitalUpwass.

I hope, you give ❤ for this blog

Thanks & Regards

Prabhakar Alok


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