Traditional Marketing Versus Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing

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(Last Updated On: 18/02/2019)

Traditional Marketing Versus Digital MarketingDigital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing

  1. Reduced cost
  2. Data and results are easily recorded
  3. On par qualities
  4. Proper time results
  5. Brand Development
  6. Easy to reach the local audience
  7. Promotional materials can be kept and recycled
  8. Its familiarity makes it easy to understand
  9. Studies suggest that hard copy marketing are easier to process and recall
  10. It has a high and proven success rate
  11. Internet consumers are connected
  12. Connecting mobile users
  13. Authorizes customer service
  14. Provides higher rate of interest from the business from the campaigns
  15. Helps the business to be at par with the competitors

Digital Marketing vs. Traditional Marketing has always been a matter of discussion as both the techniques have their own benefits and to choose one between them is a tough call for marketers.

Selection of the right marketing technique is a key and an indispensable part of any business which can’t be overlooked.

In this epoch where a large number of people rely on the internet for all day to day activities, whereas at the same time there are such clans of people who do not know the use of the internet.

This difficult situation puts the businessman into a dilemma that which marketing technique he should concentrate on; Digital Marketing or Traditional Marketing?

Generally small sized businesses and startups get confused about what marketing technique they should approach for. It is like choosing six of one, half a dozen the other kind of situation for them.

Moreover, as the budget is their major concern, they can only opt for one marketing type, not both.

The question that arises initially must be: which brand marketing strategy would bring the best return my investment? Which marketing method will be best for promoting my product and services? How would I analyze if my marketing technique is working?

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Here we will see the reasons behind winning the battle by Digital Marketing over the marketing traditionally. Of course, there are many ways of marketing traditionally but later we will focus on them.

So here we start with the benefits of Digital Marketing over traditional marketing.

  • Reduced cost

The pre-eminent reason behind the success of Digital Marketing is its reduced cost. Wherein even the school goers can invest and manifest their startup and that too with very fewer expenses.

The marketing traditionally needs newspaper ads, television ads which eventually costs a lot. But on the other hand with online advertisements, the marketing can be done with limited cost.

  • Data and results are easily recorded

Here we come to other engrossing criteria of Digital Marketing.

Wherein with the help of Google analyst and other insights tools offered by different social Media through which one can easily check one’s campaign at any time.

Unlike the marketing traditionally where one has to wait for the real time. Digital marketing is helpful as in the sense it quickly helps one to rectify one’s flaws and smoothly improving the quality.

Online marketing

  • On par qualities

Under Online marketing any business can compete with the competitors in the market with the proper and efficient Online Marketing strategy.

However, in traditional market one has to fight a lot to be on par with its contender to match the finesse of its contender. Online, is a rigid well thought out site with soothing customer journey and phenomenal service?

  • Proper time results

In Digital Marketing an entrepreneur doesn’t have to wait for many a moon for a boost to his business. One can see the number of visitors to one’s site and its subscriber’s increase, conversion rates in just a button.

  • Brand Development

A well maintained a website with proper information without keeping the audience ignorant provide important value and lead a major role in generating opportunities. It can be done even by utilizing social media channels and personalized email marketing.

Traditional Marketing vs. Digital Marketing

There is numerous methods of marketing products and services.

As we all know that traditional marketing includes newspapers, billboards, flyers, and radio spots etc. on the other hand if we take Online Marketing it includes websites ads on social Media etc.

The world has transitioned into a digital environment.

Not only the magazines going digital but many of our tasks like banking online and much of our reading is done on e-readers.

With the onset of Online Marketing, it is better to invest in digital campaigns.

Even though traditional marketing still has a place but it’s declining rapidly before the Digital Marketing.

Digital Marketing vs Traditional marketingSo, here we will get to know the benefits that Digital Marketing has and the lags that traditional marketing has.

GREATER REVELATION: Traditional marketing requires little investment to reach out to the local audience whereas Digital Marketing can engross the world with the aid of the internet and that too with very less expense.

COST- EFFECTIVE: Digital Marketing is cost efficient a company can save a huge amount of money with the leverage of Online Marketing.

WIDER BRAND EXPANSION: Branding can be defined as the marketing practice that identifies and differentiates a product from the rest of the goods in the market.

This is cheaper and much easier to do online than offline Social media channels are the most import parts of one’s brand and are accessible both day and night.

Functions of Marketing on Online Platform Vs. Traditional Marketing:

Digital Marketing is a type of marketing done through online or digital technology world.

Like print media, electronic market their products better through online but also users who can reach out to products better through online but also users who can reach out to the products from their system or mobile phones.

Advantages of Traditional Marketing Over Digital Marketing:

  1. Easy to reach a local audience:

When the target is to grab the attention of the local audience the best way out is to advertise through radio which is the most efficient and undoubtedly the quickest way of explication

  1. Promotional materials can be kept and recycled

While online ads certainly don’t require the use of physical resources such as printing materials, posters and flyers have the sole advantage of being hard copies that can be taken anywhere and re-read anytime, even where there is no internet connection. Additionally, these promotional materials can be kept for reuse, or recycled.

  1. Its familiarity makes it easy to understand:

With the older folk, it’s easier to go through the traditional marketing in their free time. As they might not have the ability to reach out to the millions through Digital Marketing.

  1. Studies suggest that hard copy marketing are easier to process and recall

There have been studies aimed at determining whether paper marketing had an edge over digital media or vice versa. In one such study sponsored by a Canadian entity, it was found that paper marketing was easier for the customer to process mentally and remember.

This means that among those included in that certain study, participants reported being more inclined to remember what they read in an advertisement that was printed on direct mail than they did on a digital ad.

  1. It has a high and proven success rate

With everything going digital these days, it’s easy to wonder why traditional methods of marketing are still around.

The explanation for that is simple: it’s tried and tested and has a high success rate.

Yes, online methods might reach a more global scale of promotion, but it’s not a guarantee of reaching all of your potential customer bases.


Importance of Digital Marketing:

  1. Internet consumers are connected:

The needles of the clock have turned time has changed from the period when the chunks use to scan through the phone dictionaries to get information about the product or service.

Nowadays many people use the internet a convenient method to search for the information.

A proper site allows people to find markets and trade globally for a minor investment which cause global reach.

  1. Connecting mobile users:

We are living in a generation where the cell phones are the most powerful weapon to please the customers.

Today millions are using cellular phones to do research, shopping online.

This bounds the entrepreneur to adopt this very new trend.

  1. Authorizes customer service:

Digital Marketing provides real-time customer service which gives a big impact on the success of business according to a report from the users.

  1. Provides a higher rate of interest from the business from the campaigns:

In comparison to traditional marketing, Digital Marketing provides a better cost per lead (CPL).

  1. Helps the business to be on par with the competitors:

Many brands are growing up in Online Marketing with the help of various social media sites and available channels.


The essential part of Digital Marketing is that it’s the most cost-effective tool for marketing.

It allows people to market desire products at the desired amount.

It also helps in saving the papers and other resources.

Digital Marketing is a new area for techno-savvy people to work with technology and have a new thrust area for job seekers, researchers, and entrepreneurs.

Digital MarketingAs the trend in the Indian market is changing the usage of e-commerce and m-commerce has also been increased which widely raised the usage of Online Marketing online applications of marketing and shopping.

From the above-given advantages, we can easily make out that even though digital marketing reached the millions but the existence of traditional marketing reveals that the marketing traditionally can even reach those corners and interior parts of your country where digitization or internet couldn’t step in yet.

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