Important and Effective Social Media Strategies

Important and Effective Social Media Strategies

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(Last Updated On: 21/02/2019)

Important and Effective Social Media Strategies

Marketing on Social Platforms.

Some Important and Effective Social Media Strategies

Every business find the right marketing tools to attract their target audience, social media is one of them.

For online marketing, social media are the best way to engage the target audience to increase traffic and also increase your brand visibility.

Social media sites were started mainly for the purpose of connecting friends from any place easily but now it also becomes a good platform for businesses to advertise their products and services globally.

All these advertisement or promotion of brand on social media is called social media marketing.

Now, most people have their profile on various social sites such as Facebook which is mostly used by the people alone, Twitter is also used to connect with your customers easily, Snap chat mostly use for videos, Instagram is also used by a lot of people and used only for uploading images etc.

we have a great opportunity to target audience and improve our sales.

From likes, comments, shares to following and followers, you can learn a lot about your consumers and their behavior.

With the change in taste, most people prefer to watch videos than images as video are now in trend.

Every app can provide the facility of uploading videos, live videos, Instagram TV, LinkedIn for businesses remains the most organized, effective and value-based medium to connect with customers, partners, and other businesses in general, etc. which can increase your traffic.

It has also provided the benefit to interact with our customers by helping them out with queries or any doubts and they will feel comfortable buying from you and make a healthy relationship.

Key Points of Social media Marketing

  • Content

Content is an essential part of every website to increase traffic and increase visibility. You should follow the trending content format that will be trending for a specific time period.

Previously ‘images’ were in trend and now it replaces with ‘videos’.

Use videos to get connect with your followers’ news feed.

Those marketers who make changes According to latest trend will get maximum traffic and also attract users to their website.

Content and social media marketing teams are working in silos.

The ownership lies with social-media teams, but content rules.

You also add small videos or GIF to your content to make it attracting.

Also used hashtags with content which helps the audience to understand it easily.

  • Hashtags (#)

Hashtags are very trending these days’ people to use hashtags in their posts.

They use it to describe their images and videos or add some information about their posts.

You can also add hashtags with your content while posting it in social sites it helps the users to understand about the posts.

Consistently using the right hashtags will put you in the perfect place to get discovered.

This makes it easy for you to discover and more likely to share it. So, don’t forget to add hashtags to your social media marketing.

  • Shares

Users give likes, do comments but they don’t share every post.

Shares are the currency of the social media world.

A great tool to measure shares and the overall impact of content is BuzzSumo.
The more shares, the more people love your content.

It’s the best form of engagement that people can have with it.

  • Engagement

Social media is the best way to engage with your customers and your relationship stronger with them.

Online communication channels that allow people or companies to create, share and exchange information with people and build relationships and communities online.

You can give a quick reply and solve their queries related to your brand and make them comfortable.

Importance of social-media marketing

  •  Improve visibility

In online marketing, social media has a big role to increase the visibility of your business as social sites are visited by millions of users every day.

When you posted about your business in such sites it will automatically reach to lots of audiences and it will help to promote your brand and increased awareness.

You have to make out a clear social-media objective i.e. your objective should be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely.

Your goal should determine exactly what it expects from the plan.

It easier and more accessible for new customers, and makes you more familiar and recognizable for existing customers.

  • Increase traffic

One of the other benefits of Social media is that it also helps increase your website traffic.

When you join social channels, customers can interact with you easily.

By sharing your content, images, and videos of your brand on social sites, you are giving reason to users to click-through to your website.

Social media posts provide an opportunity for the public to find your new web content and click through to your site.

And because those posts will primarily show up in the feeds of followers and people interested in your product, that traffic is typically much targeted.

  • Improved Customer insight

The key success behind every business in any industry is knowing your customers.

Social media provides an opportunity to gain valuable information about Customers’ interest.

You can also observe their comments about their taste and preference.

What kind of products they like??? What are the facilities they want from your business??? And many more??? You also get to know what customers think about your business.

  • It’s free

Social networking sites are all free of cost.

No extra charge is levied for registration or signup.

You can create your profile page and offer business pages to your target customers at no cost.

You can update your page regularly, promote your brand, and help out with the queries of customers without spending a single amount.

  • Increase sales

you can also boost up your sales, when you always remain in front of users you can easily draw their attention by giving incentives such as free coupons or extra facility or any other offers etc.

They are more likely to buy items from your business.

  • Better Search Engine Ranking

Popularity on social media can be highly beneficial in overall business growth, not just to improve your rankings.

The more shares likes and comments you get on social media, the higher your chances are of ranking well on search engines too!

Setting up profiles on social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ help generate backlinks to your website and other content published by you.

Google gives credence to these sources and helps improve your ranking on search engines.


You can’t think digital marketing without social media, a free platform to gain success.

People daily go through such sites so it becomes easy to promote your goods and services.

Social media plays a vital role in web marketing by providing a lot of benefits for your business.

It has its own way of attracting or engaging customers.

Above we can see how it can important for any business either it is improving traffic or increasing sales, it is helpful in many ways.

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