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How to Move Your Business from Better to Best with Social Media

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(Last Updated On: 27/07/2019)

The Impact of Social Media

-> Social media has several platforms you can take advantage of to spread the word about your business.

-> If your business is already doing great, you can utilize social media to take it to new heights.

-> With the potential customers waiting for you on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other sites, there is no doubt that a great campaign can help your business achieve wonders.

social mediaThe Need for a Social Media Marketing Strategy

-> It is not impossible for a business to do well without social media. However, if you are aiming to be the best, you cannot forego a social media marketing strategy (link to

-> Standing on the social media sidelines may have worked for you so far. Yet, have you ever wondered how long this arrangement will take?

-> You owe it to yourself, your employees, and the community to see how far your business can go.

-> I have compiled a list of nine ways in which social media can take your business to the next level:

Social media lets more people know about your business.

-> The main objective of using social media is to get more people to be aware of your brand, services, and everything else you aim to accomplish.

-> It opens the door for more interactions with your target customers—improving your relationships with them and encouraging them to tell their friends and followers about you.

Everybody who matters to your business is on social media.

-> There is no arguing that social media’s popularity is on another level. Even if you are not a frequent reader of online marketing or tech blogs, you know how much of an influence social media has on the general population of consumers.

-> A recently conducted research revealed that almost 70% of adults in the United States use social networks (link to

-> Furthermore, many small businesses use Facebook to begin establishing their social media presence.

-> Such a dynamic, wide-reaching platform benefits all kinds of businesses now.

Social media encourages interaction.

> Social media helps you acquire more information about your target consumers their needs, interests, and goals—and use it to improve your business.

-> Using platforms like Twitter or Facebook gives you the opportunity to engage your audiences in a conversation where you can ask them questions, their thoughts on a product or service, and other important matters.

-> Even a simple “Good Morning!” post can positively influence the way social media users look at you.

Social media users are constantly active.

-> When it indicates that I am active on social media, I really am active and engaging with other users.

-> It is the same for most modern-day social media users; when it says they are online, they really are online.

-> Here’s a useful statistic for you: social media users in the United States check their accounts nearly 18 times a day (link to

-> Brick-and-mortar stores may get once-a-week visits from your customers, but your social media page could potentially get ten times more than that in a single day.

Social media allows you to reach out to people of all ages.

-> Having a solid social media presence allows you to reach out to young adults, older adults, and seniors alike.

-> As mentioned above, nearly 70% of American adults use social networks. In the world of social media, your target audiences could be of any age.

Social media gives you the opportunity to share everything about your business.

-> When customers want to learn about a business, they visit social media. Social media operates in real time, giving consumers the latest information about a business, the products and services it offers, as well as its upcoming events.

-> Through social media, a wider audience will know about your brand and its uniqueness from its competitors.

Social media allows you to deliver a high level of customer service

-> Like any small business out there, one of your goals is to provide superior customer service. Social media helps you accomplish this in so many ways.

-> Aside from the more meaningful interactions that you are able to give your target audiences on social media, it also allows you to take your consumer service game to another level by giving prompt responses that give customers instant satisfaction.

Social media is accessible from almost anywhere

-> Social media has reached an incredible level of omnipresence in today’s world. It is almost impossible to go to a place where you cannot encounter it.

-> What’s more, the majority are able to access social media from various interfaces like their smartphones, laptops, PCs, and other devices.

-> With the increased presence of mobile activity in recent times, social media has become even more vital for small businesses looking to achieve a higher level of success.

-> Help your business grow and obtain a global presence by implementing an effective and efficient social media marketing strategy today.

Social media is affordable

-> When you look at all the strategies to grow a small business out there, none would be more cost-effective than a social media strategy.

-> It is readily available, easy to figure out, and gives you the option to do things on your own.

-> Social media has low-cost advertising features that promote your unique content and special offerings.

-> Social media advertising is generally a more affordable way to market your business, boost audience numbers, and grow your company.

-> I completely understand business owners who are content with implementing the traditional marketing strategies of old.

-> After all, why change something that has worked for you over the years, right? However, being in your position, you also need to realize that things could very well shift for you in the near future.

-> You may find yourself in a position where you need to either adapt and evolve or shut down your business completely.

-> Alternatively, you could decide that taking your business to the next level is what is best. Whatever position you find yourself in, I hope these reasons convince you that social media is a great place to start.

-> Come out of the sidelines and into the social media arena. I would love to hear your thoughts on this article in the comments section below. Please feel free to share your opinions.


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