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6 Points to Consider While Starting a Digital Marketing Agency in India

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(Last Updated On: 22/02/2019)

How to start a digital marketing agency

How to Start a Digital Marketing Agency in India

  1. Start with One Product
  2. Follow a Strict Process
  3. Finance and Expenditure
  4. Market Research
  5. Decide Your Strategy
  6. Brand and Marketing

Starting your own agency can be really complicated. Isn’t it? It can be frustrating if you don’t start in the correct way.
And when it is about Digital Marketing, the agency can be the most compensated as this market is new and there are very fewer numbers of Digital Marketer in India, you can do your best in it.

However, your startup can direct to failure also as there are already top Digital Marketing Entrepreneurs who are leading this market, you have to stand out the chord of the crowd to prove yourself best and sustain in the market.


If you wanted to start a Digital Marketing Agency some years ago, it might seem hard but nowadays, there are entry gates everywhere. What required here is a brilliant idea of starting and skilled mind. It’s not impossible to start your own agency but it is more important to sustain in the market as there are many skilled business persons already there and being a newbie you have to ensure your skills and success measures as best.
Few tips which every successful Digital Marketing Agency follow to stand out are given here. Let’s understand them.

#1 Start with One Product

Don’t try to be a shopper’s stop or a full-service firm. Most of the agencies do this mistake most of the time when they start. See! If you want to make it a full-service firm, you need a full-service team also and for the team, you need to hire people as well which needs a high investment. And since you are a new agency, such a large investment for team and place is a big deal.

What if your first project goes miserably wrong? You are new to this field, right? It can happen! How will you recover this amount?
Unless you have a strong backup plan and already structured team, it is advised not to go for full services. Start with some specific area you think you are strongest such as SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and start working on that. Become known for that specific service in your area. Then, start with next addon which you think you are clear in.

#2 Follow a Strict Process

Hiring talented and expert people is not enough to build a successful Digital Marketing Agency. You need a strict and strategic process! The experts or your team need guidance otherwise your work will have no result even if it is qualitative. This process must be created before the company starts the work. Create some specific policy & procedures for handling the work. for your team and ask your team to follow it on daily basis.

Provide your team with the best methods and a solid framework for executing their jobs. Don’t ever expect that you can get results from the team by giving them computer and phone. Things work with a solid strategy. This comes in one of the top reason why people quit their companies or idea of running an agency. So, create a plan and that is how your company can lead the online market.

#3 Finance and Expenditure

The most critical points you must consider while starting a company is finance and expenditure. Clear some points before you get into it-

  • How much money you need in the beginning to start your business and how much it needs to run the Agency continuously?
  • How long will your company start to give benefits?

Secondly, you need to set some expenditures goals also, see what you require here.

The needs of your Digital Marketing Agency can be divided into this way:

Assets – What assets will you need for your business like buildings, land, PCs, furniture, etc. and then you need check how to arrange these assets?
Will you buy it or take it on rent?
How many rupees will be required for this property?
Expenditure – What expenses will be to run your business continuously, such as employees salaries, maintenance costs, rentals, different types of consultant fees etc.

#4 Market Research

Research your business market and industry. You can do research in various ways – by gathering information from the internet, contacting the companies who are already in the Digital Marketing field, meeting the market analysts etc. Research the market and find out what is demand and supply? Which company is considered for Digital Marketing the most and why? What are the drawbacks of that company that you agency can add up?

#5 Decide Your Strategy

Now decide what’s your Business Strategy is. Here you need to ask some questions to yourself-

  • How would you make the best in your Agency?
  • How is your Digital Marketing different from others and what is special about your Digital Marketing idea that your company should be chosen by the clients?
  • How will you move your business?

#6 Brand and Marketing

Don’t forget to market and branding for yourself. Apply some Digital Marketing tactics here also. Advertise it using Digital media completely considering yourself as a first client of your company.

So, these were some of the important points which you must consider while starting a new Digital Marketing Company. You should do full market research also. All The Best to Your New Venture!

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