How Do You Pursue a Career in Digital Marketing

How Do You Pursue a Career in Digital Marketing?

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(Last Updated On: 18/06/2019)

If you are serious about pursuing a career in digital marketing, you’ve made the right choice. It is the trendiest career in India nowadays and has immense growth potential.

In fact, by 2022, India will have the world’s single largest digital marketing industry. Projections are, over two million digital marketing jobs will be available by 2022 serving over 20 million micro, small and medium industries.

However, there are several questions that need proper answers before entering a trending or emerging new career.

One such question and a very important one at that is: How do you pursue a career in digital marketing?

Therefore, here I’ll answer this vital question that you might be asking others or even yourself.

Pursuing a Career in Digital Marketing

I’ll start by highlighting a very important feature of a career in digital marketing. This might help you take a firm decision to join India’s fastest growing industry.

  • Minimal Entry Requirements
  • No Entrance Exams
  • Selecting Best Digital Marketing Training Institute
  • Practice at Home
  • Get International Certifications
  • Look for Placement Assistance
  • Choose a Specialization
  • Keep Upgrading Skills

1. Minimal Entry Requirements

You don’t need to hold an engineering????, management or even a graduate degree to pursue a career in digital marketing. Anyone that has completed Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) or its equivalent qualifies to work as a digital marketer, if they have the necessary skills.

Students that have completed Secondary School Certificate or its equivalent are also welcome to digital marketing, provided they have certain online skills.

Also, digital marketing courses are don’t cost as much as engineering, medical or management studies. You can learn from Prabhakar Alok, who is the Best SEO guy from Patna, Bihar India.

2. No Entrance Exams

Unlike engineering????, medical and management courses, you need not pass any complex entrance exams to join a digital marketing course. All you require is working knowledge of computers ???? and some idea about using the ????Internet.

Because digital marketing is all about using the Internet, which obviously, needs a computer????. These are the basic requirements for joining an excellent digital marketing course.

3. Selecting Best Digital Marketing Training Institute

Talk about joining an excellent digital marketing course and here’s where the first hurdle lies.

How does one select the best training institute for an excellent digital marketing course? Especially at a time when everyone claims to be the best and makes big claims? If I were in your place, I would study the credentials of the persons offering the digital marketing course.

This means, knowing their profile, personal experience in digital marketing and success stories. Anyone can fake stories and reviews but a top digital marketer would usually have two or three own highly successful, money-spinning websites.

4. Practice at Home

Any excellent digital marketing training institute will provide you with a free website. I mean, a proper website with a domain name and hosting and not one of these free ones available on blog sites.

And they will provide you with hands-on training that you can utilize and test on this personal website such as performing Search Engine Optimization and other processes.

Such practice is very vital since you have firsthand experience before joining any company. And you can show the future employer your achievements on your own website.

5. Get International Certifications

According to me, I don’t believe in Certificates. I believe in Knowledge, Skills, talent, Self Confidence. Anyways, While doing a good digital marketing course, an excellent training institute will provide you with resources and skills to apply for international certifications.

These include certifications from Google and Facebook among others.

These international certifications along with your experience with hands-on training will ensure you are on the right path to pursue a career in digital marketing.

You can continue to upgrade skills and go for higher international certifications, when you start working as a Digital Marketer or gain more knowledge while developing own website.

6. Look for Placement Assistance

Nowadays, most digital marketing training institutes offer job and placement assistance. This means you do not have to undergo the hassle of finding a job to start your career in digital marketing.

You can also look for internships on own at some of the largest corporations in India. Since there’s a shortage of digital marketers at the moment, you can easily find a good internship that pays well too.

However, in the initial stages, do not chase money. It will follow you later when you pursue a career in digital marketing.

7. Choose a Specialization

Digital marketing consists of various processes. These include Search Engine Optimization, email marketing, social media marketing and several others.

Instead of spreading your energies too thin by trying to offer all skills, select only one or two processes. This enables you to focus on a process that is in great demand and learn all necessary skills.

According to Pritam Nagrale from SureJob, when you have a specialization in one particular process, employers will be more willing to hire you when compared over someone that has no specialization and offers all processes.

This is because most employers would not require every digital marketing process for their business.

8. Keep Upgrading Skills????

As we know, Internet technology evolves almost by the hour. What you learn at a digital marketing training institute can become obsolete after a few months.

Hence, you need to keep upgrading your skills and acquiring newer ones to match changing technologies.

Staying abreast of technologies is beneficial to pursue a career in digital marketing. It gives you that edge above competitors when applying for that dream job.

In Conclusion

By following the above steps, you can easily pursue a career in digital marketing????. Understandably, you would have to exert extra efforts at every stage to learn every process, practice till perfection and acquire newer skills.

But median salaries of digital marketers in India are about ????Rs.50,000 per month- which is higher than most other professions and considering you have completed only up to HSC ( Higher Secondary Certificate) informal education. Starting salaries over around Rs.15,000 per month, which is a good start.????

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