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Digital Marketing Jobs & Career Opportunities in India 2019

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(Last Updated On: 21/06/2019)

Digital Marketing Jobs & Career Opportunities in India

  1. Content writer
  2. Search engine optimization executive
  3. Social media marketing experts
  4. Digital marketing manager
  5. Conversion rate optimizer
  6. Search engine marketers
  7. Copy Writing Expert

In the fastest growing economy and with the growth of modern technology, every business either a giant player or new startups are trying every aspect to reach on top.

Marketing on Digital platform is one of the finest ways of marketing at a higher level and on low cost. Moreover, it also provides information to users through an electronic device via effective websites.

It is expressing your views and ideas in various forms such as content marketing, SEO, Social Media Campaigning etc.

In coming years, it will become the first choice of the businesses for advertisement and there would be a cut-throat competition to become apparent among the marketers for providing the best service.


Every business wants to grow their business fast and at a lesser expense. So, mainly digital marketing is the branding of goods and services on an online platform.

With the changing of time online and offline business both shoot up and they need a better platform to advertise their products and services and digital marketing best suits them, it not only helps to advertise but also helps in market research which helps to know the taste and preference of customers.

All companies are it large sized or small scale, are incurring the heavy expenditure on marketing digitally i.e. online branding of goods and services.

These companies are in search of skilled digital marketing professionals who can implement their marketing strategies in such a way that they get maximum benefits.

As the businesses are shoots up and with heavy demand for advertisement so, with this increase digitalization of marketing needs more hands at every stage to look at their work through this.

It is a flexible and versatile nature of the business that makes it so interesting.

If you spent a lot of time on the internet and wish to create some attractive ads, flawless content, and some comical graphics or if you are interested in making videos or want to try your hands on writing an amazing blog piece, then making career in the field of Digital Marketing will be an ideal decision.

There is a lot of career opportunity having their own benefits. The details of some career opportunities are discussed below:-

  1. Content writer

Content writerThe main focus lies on creating valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain an audience. You have to be highly skilled in developing on-brand social media content.

You would love to see the numbers on social media increase as a result of your written and visual content creation. As a content writer, you get an advantage to work from home without any problem.

Skills required:

  • Excellent written and verbal communication with an intense understanding of brand identities, business marketing tools to optimize social media.
  • A quick and efficient approach to work within given deadlines.
  • Passionate about social media trends and developments, and knows how to manage social media activity accordingly.
  1. Search engine optimization executive

search engine optimizationSEO executive should have a thorough understanding of the market trend and online research that can be beneficial to clients. It helps business to create brand awareness among the audience and marketing at a high level.

The responsibilities of SEO involves creating keywords, designing a marketing plan to work better.

The main task to achieve a position on the first page of the search engine. Moreover, monitoring on web pages activity and making changes for better is also what SEO expert has to do.

 Skills Required:

  • Establishing keywords and mapping to campaign goals and develop text-based titles.
  • Managing keyword lists, keyword bidding and SEO copywriting. Build landing pages.
  • Conduct site audits document site optimization, improve visibility, and site structure.
  1. Social media marketing experts

digital marketing company in Patna Bihar

Running paid advertising in Social media is something that requires expertise and experience.
It deals with gaining website traffic via social media sites and to create content in such a way to attract customer and also persuade them to share it across their social network.

Thoughtful planning and goal set up, Creating brand responsiveness and digital status, traffic generation and increasing leads and sales are the main job roles of a Social Media Marketing Experts.

Skills Required:

  • Create social media posts for Instagram and Facebook and put them together in a way that is visually appealing.
  • Write copy and captions for social media posts with personality tailored to the client and setting up ad campaigns that reach the right people.
  • Planning, shooting and editing video content for clients – from corporate videos to events and Instagram stories.
  • Graphic designing skills or at least a visual eye.
  • Planning, shooting and editing video content for clients – from corporate videos to events and Instagram stories.
  1. Digital marketing manager

best digital marketing companyThe demand for Online Marketing Job Opportunities for experts is high as the companies are hunting for the same.

Digital Marketing Manager plays an active role in developing, planning and executing the public Media, digital initiatives and programs while maintaining brand voice and ensuring clear and consistent brand messaging.

Digital Marketing Managers are responsible for bringing together different component of online marketing and making it efficient.

Skills Required:

  • Use best practices for social media and digital marketing to assist with the expansion of the brand and establishing goals for engagement of targeted audiences and sales growth.
  • Make strong digital marketing strategies that generate a lifetime value model for user acquisition and retention.
  1. Conversion rate optimizer

CRO‘s main work is a conversion at every step of the marketing funnel.

They have various tools to achieve higher conversion. With the help of conversion optimizer, you increase your revenue per visitors.

It also helps in optimizing product page by adding pictures, videos, description of product etc. Ratings and reviews build trust and credibility.

The most obvious form of CRO has to do with shaping a landing page.

The landing page, especially a long-form landing page, is where the conversion optimizer skills are on display. Long-form pages require lots of explanation, lots of persuasion, lots of flow, and lots of words in general.

Skills Required:

  • CRO needs to understand how SEO affects landing page copy.
  • You understand a conversion situated on a detailed level.
  • Every CRO is an A/B tester. The better you are at A/B testing, the better you are at conversion optimization. Testing is like any other skill in CRO. The more you do it, the better you get. Work on sharpening your skills at testing, and you’ll be able to whip your site into shape.
  1. Search engine marketers

The task of SEM is also done by a digital marketing manager. Maintain the company’s social media presence across all digital channels.

Handling and analyzing market campaigning techniques, making use of pay per click (PPC) in advertisements, writing convincing content for ad posts, and grouping search-friendly keywords.

The major role played by Search engine marketer is an augmentation of brand awareness on the digital platform and generating leads of customers online.

Skills Required:

  • Should be able to plan digital marketing strategies.
  • Managing keyword lists, keyword bidding, and SEO copy-writing. Build landing pages
  • Should be able to monitor activities of web pages by using PPC, media campaigning, content marketing
  1. Copy Writing Expert

Best Content Writing Websites

The demand for the Copy Writing expert is increasing these days. The work of the copywriter is to assist search engine marketing team in writing effecting contents for the ads, help in writing better post social media portals and assist the content marketing persons to improve their content in such a way that it attracts more audiences.

If you have to describe a distinct job role for a copywriter, their responsibility is more towards managing and polishing the content and help other team members.


Digital marketing has a Bright scope for fresher. It doesn’t require a higher degree or higher qualifications but it requires a good knowledgeable about digital marketing and analyzes the market with lots of patience.

As skilled digital marketing professionals are hard to find in the industry, people those have professional knowledge and experience in the field of digital marketing will be highly demanded in the industry.

It is going to be the first choice of business and the demand for marketing on a digital platform is raised day by day so there is a vast opportunity in this field.

There is a lot of field according to your preference you can choose. Suppose if you are good at searching and writing or you have good writing skills you can go as a content writer.

There are more than a few segments within this versatile field, accordingly, you can choose your field.

It also increases your knowledge and it is a good way where you start working while learning for a better opportunity but only if you work honestly and within given deadlines.

If a person is skilled, he can also start his own business as an entrepreneur or can work as a freelancer. This is the best part of a digital marketing job, it can comfortably be done from home without any trouble, what more is needed?

Thank You.


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