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Digiwalebabu being one of the most renowned Digital Marketing Institute In Patna. At Digiwalebabu we present you theBest Digital Marketing Course and Digital Marketing Training In Bihar

Following the new marketing trends, people have realized the importance of marketing digitally. We make sure that by the completion of digital marketing training course, you gain utmost and complete up to date information and training about the major techniques and tools for marketing on a digital platform.

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Few students in every batch, flexible class timing, result driven Digital Marketing Training Course and personal guidance by providing both theoretical and practical knowledge is what makes us different from another Digital Marketing Institute In Patna and thus making us the Best Digital Marketing Institute In Patna Bihar.

Learn Digital Marketing In Patna Bihar

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Digiwalebabu is emerging as top and distinguished Digital Marketing Institute In Patna offering you the best Digital marketing course and Digital Marketing Training In Patna Bihar.

It is an institute where the marketing experts of the digital platform provide the best Online seo courses and provide you with Google digital marketing course certificate. 

The digital marketing course in bihar offered at Digiwalebabu is designed for everyone to be it a student, a professional or entrepreneur at startups.

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Digital Marketing Training In Patna

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In a city like Patna where learning Online Marketing is still less chosen path and you have less Digital marketing training schools to select from, we are bringing you the Best Digital Marketing Institute In Patna to learning.

Seeing the scope and career opportunities many people are trying to learn how to market digitally. To fulfill the demands of the enthusiast learners we have come up as the Best Digital Marketing Course In Bihar and the Best Digital marketing training provider. 

Our courses and training programme is designed in such a manner that it focuses completely on specializing in digital marketing.

Digital Marketing Course In Bihar

Faculties at Digiwalebabu, the Best Digital Marketing Institute In Patna, are Google certified and are expert in teaching digitalization of marketing. We teach our students with live projects and provide them with interactive Digital marketing classroom training. 

Our study material and study plan are designed in such a way that it covers the entire syllabus in the most efficient manner and in short span of time. At DigiwalebabuDigital marketing course fees is affordable and suits best to the student’s pocket. Seeing the busy schedule, we offer flexible batch timings so that maximum students can make for the classes.

Why Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is globally trending and one of the most sought-after marketing job all over the world today. All the business organizations whether newly emerging or the old existing ones are shifting their marketing efforts and policies online so that they can target and attract more customers to their platform. 

The strategic approach to branding goods and services, people prefer digital marketing because of its reduced cost, easy recording of data and results, on par qualities, proper time results, etc.

SEO Training In Patna

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Learn SEO from Prabhakar Alok

Our mission is to teach the students Best Digital Marketing Techniques using various Digital marketing tools. We also make them familiar with the strategies used by top MNCs and business organizations for marketing digitally and marketing on social media by offering you the Best Digital marketing course and Digital marketing training in Patna

The course will also focus on digital analytics oriented digital marketing tools that are how to make organizations more intelligent in order to conduct business in this modern digital era. Our teaching comprises of live projects which will give our students the perfect exposure and experience required for enhancing the Digital marketing skills

We keep our teaching methodologies and Digital marketing course aligned to follow the new and the best trends of Digital marketing training in bihar and Digital marketing courses in Patna to get the best outcomes.

Our Vision

After the completion of this course, the candidates can work in any top MNCs or for any top brands in the sector of online marketing or can have their own company of Digital marketing. Our goal is to provide Best Digital marketing course and Best Digital marketing training so that companies can get best out of them. We prepare our candidates for long-term Digital marketing goals.

Best Digital Marketing Courses In Bihar

Learn SEO from Prabhakar Alok

What you will realize after Completion.

> This course presents the ideas and terms of digital marketing. It gives an essential learning of how digital marketing functions for organizations and experts. Most understudies and even experts have a hands-on mentality to digital marketing. The ideas in this course can help sort out your insight, contemplation, and thoughts into an implementable business and marketing thought.

Digital Marketing Courses Includes

Website Development Course In Patna Bihar

Here at DigiwalebabuDigital marketing institute in Patna, we teach you the art of website designing using WordPress CMS in this course. In today’s era, it is hard to believe in the existence of a business without a website.

All the firms nowadays focus on having their own website as it widens their domain of marketing and advertising and thus increasing the number of clients.

Thus, with the Best digital marketing course in bihar and Digital marketing training in Patna, we understand the significance of the web designer we prepare our students in such a manner so that they can withstand the tough competition and mold themselves with the changing demands of the market.

SEO Course In Patna Bihar​

Search engine optimization is the most important feature that every website aspires for. Every website wants maximum people to visit their website thus to increase traffic to your website and for this we need high ranking on search engine. We teach our students the techniques of SEO of both on page SEO and off page SEO following the latest trends. 

We at Digital Gurucool, the Best SEO training institute in Patna Bihar teach them the best way of using the SEO tools so that designing and modification of webpages becomes easy.

ON-PAGE SEO [Training module]

  • Introduction to On-Page Optimization
  • Its importance
  • Its Objectives
  • META Description and Title Tags
  • Header Tags
  • URLs and its Structure
  • Internal Links
  • Keyword Search
  • Sitemaps
  • Do not’s of On-Page SEO
  • Perfect Optimization of Page
  • Question/Answers

OFF-PAGE SEO [Training Module]

  • Introduction to Off-Page Optimization
  • Its importance
  • Its Objectives
  • Ethics of Link Building
  • Relevancy of Content with Links
  • Off – Page Engagements
  • Off – Site Relationships
  • Categories of Links
  • “Do follow” and “No Follow” links and Social Media
  • Do not’s in Link Building
  • Questions/Answers

SEM Course In Patna Bihar

Teaching the Best techniques of digital marketing by Google digital marketing course. Our Digital marketing training course focuses on the search engine marketing tools and techniques. 

With Best SEM course at Digiwalebabu, learn to use PPC and ORM (online Reputation Management) to increase the visibility of website, increase audiences on your website and get the best return on investment with the Best SEM institute in Patna.

PPC (PAY PER CLICK) [Training Module]

  • An introduction to PPC and Pay Per Click Advertising
  • Keyword search: its role in PPC
  • Adwords Paid search and Basic campaign targeting
  • Advanced PPC marketing: Keywords and ads
  • Bidding and budgeting in Paid Searches
  • Retargeting basics and its Types
  • Selecting metrics and Setting objectives
  • Questions/Answers


  • Online Reputation Management (ORM)
  • Introduction: Opportunities and Trends
  • Listening Online for Brand Conversations
  • Tools for Effective Listening
  • Business Metrics: Measuring and Analyzing Sentiment for a Brand
  • Handling Negative Conversations on Social Media
  • Strategic approach to ORM
  • Questions/Answers

Social Media Marketing Course In Patna Bihar

The Digital marketing course and Digital marketing training in Patna provided by Digital Gurucool about Social Media Marketing Strategy helps you to comprehend the various tools and techniques used for designing, managing and optimizing the growth and promotion of brands on different media platforms.


  • Understanding Twitter
  • Importance of Twitter in Digital Marketing
  • Client Engagement via Twitter
  • Twitter Marketing
  • Understanding Advertisement on Twitter
  • Twitter Ad Options
  • Demo class for Twitter Marketing
  • Question/Answer


  • Understanding Facebook
  • Facebook: Its Importance in Digital Marketing
  • Facebook Presence: News Feed System
  • Visual and Video Content on Facebook
  • Marketing via Facebook
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Facebook Advertising
  • Demo for Facebook Marketing
  • Question/Answers


  • Understanding LinkedIn
  • Learning LinkedIn Advertising
  • Learning LinkedIn Marketing,
  • Figuring out B2B strategies to generate leads
  • Increasing sales via LinkedIn
  • Demo for LinkedIn Marketing
  • Question/Answers


  • Understanding Instagram
  • Posting good quality content
  • Choosing relevant hashtags
  • Posting right captions
  • Scheduling posts on Instagram
  • Account Automation
  • Affiliate marketing on Instagram
  • Demo for Instagram Marketing
  • Question/Answers


  • Understanding Quora
  • Posting good quality content
  • Choosing relevant hashtags
  • Tagging right captions
  • Scheduling posts on Quora
  • Account Automation
  • Demo for Quora Marketing
  • Question/Answers

At Digiwalebabu, we provide you with a great opportunity that is to work on live Digital Marketing Project. This is to assure you that you not gained theoretical knowledge but practical knowledge as well with the best digital marketing course in patna bihar and digital marketing training in patna offered by Digiwalebabu, the best digital marketing institute in Patna.

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