8 Content Marketing Tips

8 Brilliant Content Marketing Tips That Improves Your Local SEO

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(Last Updated On: 16/09/2020)

8 Content Marketing Tips

  1. Research and Find Out The Hot Topic In Your Domain
  2. Convert FAQ Into Blog Topics
  3. Develop A Content Based On Customer Interview
  4. Content About Local Events And Activities
  5. Choose Less Competitive Niche
  6. Present Uniqueness About Your Business
  7. Implement Schema Markup
  8. Use Local Keywords In Your Website Content

Content Marketing Tips

In the 21st century, starting a new business is highly competitive. Of course! It is not impossible. You just need the right strategy to get the things done successfully.

Did you know that businesses can rank high in local search engines through a content marketing strategy? This blog post talks about the same in depth.

Let us get started! Here are some great strategies for you to implement.

Tip 1: Research and Find Out The Hot Topic In Your Domain

As a beginner, you can choose the topics that are demanding and popular in your industry. You are already seeing success.

So, it is better to start with the same.

  • I would suggest you use Google Trends while searching for the topics. It is an awesome tool to explore popular search terms.
  • Here is the advantage of using Google Trends. It helps you to search based on the specific region or location.
  • Now, it enables you to see the interests of your local audience. If you find it difficult to cope up in the initial stages, you might have to hire reliable local SEO services in India.

Tip 2: Convert FAQ Into Blog Topics

  • It is a very simple technique to find interesting topics for writing content. Your target audience is just looking out for such information.
  • Have you observed this? When you search for a term on Google, it also gives you related questions. Pick them and convert into content topics.
  • When you convert, write an in-depth article and try to clarify all the doubts regarding the topic. FAQ intends to have short answers.
  • But, you have to expand using some examples and detailed explanation. Along with local popularity, you can also get SEO benefits.

Tip 3: Develop A Content Based On Customer Interview

  • Write up customer stories to help the local audience understand the benefits of your products or services. Instead of writing direct information, you can prefer narrating stories.
  • In fact, it sounds like self-promotion when you write about yourself. Refer to the testimonials and expand the customer review into good content.
  • Provide proof of the results you achieved. This should attract your prospective customers for sure!
  • Let the content be a consumer-centric. Be generic and do not self-promote your business.
  • Explain how they attained success with the help of your company. If possible, try to conduct the interview.
  • Make a detailed report about it. It will invite the excitement among the readers.

Tip 4: Content About Local Events And Activities

  • You are aiming to build online credibility. Also, it is important to involve in the local community and do networking.
  • You can attend the local events in person. Later, share your experience in the event through a detailed content.
  • It can be in the form of a blog on your website.
  • However, it demands consistency from you.
  • Otherwise, it is difficult to attract constant local traffic to your business website.
  • When you start doing it with 100 percent dedication, you will be known as a local guide expert related to your industry. Gradually, your content is going to gain more popularity.

Tip 5: Choose Less Competitive Niche

It does not mean that you have to go out of your target market.

You should research and select the list of non-competitive topics in your niche itself. Alright! Let me assure you have done writing about all the topics about your primary niche.

There is just no more topics to write about. Now, what to do? You can go to other related niche and then start writing. So, expand your niche market.

Make sure that the new niche is not your competitor. Technically, we call it a shoulder niche.

Combine your main market with parallel domains.

This helps you to reach a completely new set of audience. I only suggest you to go on exploring and do not turn back!

Tip 6: Present Uniqueness About Your Business

Dig for the uniqueness in your business. Bring it in front of your local audience. By now, you would have totally understood about the psychology of your local market.

Use your expertise to impress the audience. Go on explaining the special features of your business, industry, products, and services.

You are required to think out of the box.

Till now, all the tips are about the type of content you can write for local SEO. The last four tips talk about how to enhance your content writing efforts.

And finally, get the local SEO benefits.

Your goal should not be to just create the content. After that, you must work hard to get the expected results. So, the below tips talk about improving your website rankings.

Tip 7: Implement Schema Markup

  • I will consider you as a local website owner. You have to implement all the required techniques and strategies.
  • So that you can grab your audience attention. Show that your business is not like any other in the market.
  • It has got a wide range of unique features.
  • It is worth to contact you for more information.
  • Include the schema markup.
  • It is a kind of special code you should put on your website.
  • It is good to include a piece of local information in every bit while adding.
  • This increases your local visibility.

Tip 8: Use Local Keywords In Your Website Content

I am letting you know about this in the last. But, do not ignore.

This is the basic foundation.

You cannot miss it. Otherwise, your website will struggle to succeed. If you are writing the content for the local audience, be sure to include the related terms naturally.

Over optimisation of the local keywords is also a bad idea.

Maintain the required density between 0.4% to 0.6%. It is more than enough.

Sprinkle the keywords and its variations throughout the page. Do not use exact match keywords everywhere.

It is highly not recommended.

Final Words

Hopefully, by now you have got a good knowledge about doing local SEO using the content.

Not to forget! I would like to mention that always start with the topics you know. Later, expand to different areas.

Increase the difficulty level as and when you gain expertise.

Ultimately, you should be able to handle it. If you are planning to buy services, have a look at the standard local SEO packages here.

Thanks & Regards

Prabhakar Alok


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