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(Last Updated On: 12/07/2018)

7 techniques to write efficient content and to avoid pitfalls in content marketing 

content marketing strategy

Content Marketing Techniques

Content Marketing

The concentration of content marketing mostly lies around publishing and distributing content for the targeted audience online. As attractively designed, engaging content leads to increase in sales and attract the customers online. Content marketing is a digital marketing tool that does not directly indulge in brand promotion of goods and services but indirectly favors through creating, sharing and publishing about your product and services.

Content has an influential effect at all places and every other type of marketing strategy gets stimulated by the content. The content of an email encourages opens and clicks. The content of a web boosts sales and attracts clients. Social media campaigns require a good and effective content. A pleasing and attractive is also needed for blog posts. Content also plays an important role in forming relations with the business, customers and brands online as well as offline.

The key functions of content marketing strategy is:

  • Content is best way to exhibit your product’s veracity and gaining trust of your targeted audience trust.
  • Content marketing plays major in achieving business goals in both B2B and B2C markets
  • In improving and increasing the online sales, an efficient content plays a vital role.
  • Content can be beneficial in creating awareness by providing valuable information.
  • If your content is informative and attractive, it increases willingness among customer to purchase your goods and services.


Content writing might seems to be easy but such is not just the case. The challenge that you may face while creating an effective content is search of keywords. Much attention is needed while creating content. It should be designed in such way that it promotes sales of goods and services and leads in generating more traffic on website.

You may realize Content marketing is only just not writing a few blogs, articles or adding some pages to your website, right? But it isn’t easy and a way lot more complex than you really think and there are many pitfalls that comes in the way of content marketing strategy.

7 ways for efficient content and to avoid pifallls in content marketing:

  1. Create content according to business aspects:

The content must be written and designed as per business aspects that is it should be revealing the type of business it is, what are its main features, purpose, etc. If the idea of business is clear then it becomes easy to produce content for that particular business accordingly. Also, the information about the features of the business in the content can help you in reaching the targeted audience.

Content marketing is much better way of marketing than to relying on your distributors to advertise or promote a product. An attractive and informative content can help in increasing sales and generating leads.

  1. Content must be designed to attract more customers:

The content should include general and specified information about your products or services so that customers easily comprehends. As a content writer, you must design the content according to the business policy of that business and prepare content in such a manner so that it helps in the promotion of business and increase sales and results in making profit. It also assist the reader by providing complicated information in a friendly way and making it easy to understand and retain that information.

  1. Produce content in such a way so that it is SEO focused:

seoThe length of an effective content is an important factor when it comes to SEO. If your content is way too lengthy for your website or for blog posts, there are chances that you may lose readers. After all nobody is keen on reading a content or post that is of size of a novel. Again if the content on the website is too short to provide all information about your product and services then it has bad effect on your business.

According to a research those contents which is averaged between 2000-2500 words with effective keywords are basically among the website that have higher ranks on Google.

      4. Content must have smart use of search friendly keywords:

digital marketing

Choice of right keywords is the vital task for any content developer as it helps you to reach maximum targeted audience. Keywords are the assembled words and phrases in your content that helps people to find your website with the help search engines. Right keywords are one of the main components of SEO. Applying keyword SEO will help your website rank higher than your rivals.

Keywords are directly related to SEO and together helps in running an effective search marketing campaign. Keywords are introductory for all other digital marketing tools. Thus it is worth investing time in searching relevant keywords to ensure your SEO highly appropriate for your customers. There is a lot of chance that the link comes in the first page and search criteria of the customer is met.

  1. content should include important and relevant links:

Efficient and focused web content give readers access to information in user-friendly manner. An effective content should be designed in such a way so that the visitor or audience continue browsing the current website. An effective content should have relevant links that support your stuff, but your unique viewpoint in content should be the major focus, not vice versa.

Important link compels the customers to stay on your website. As visitor stay longer time on that particular site, there is a chance that they will become clients. Links should be produced in such manner so that there is some more pages after clicking particular word, this will hold the focus of audience for long.

  1. Create useful, convincing content also focus on the uniqueness of the content:

content writing techniquesThe most important point is that the content should be unique, useful and compelling content on a topic primarily for the readers not for the search engines. The text should be useful and beneficial to readers to engage an online community of users. Replicating someone else’s content will not provide any fresh or different facts to your readers, and simultaneously does no good to improve your search engine rankings.

The reader always wants to read the useful content which gives all the information directly. It should also written in such a way so that it increase the interest of the readers. It must contain useful information or data related to that particular business so that it answers all that a reader wants to know.

  1. Keep your content marketing techniques complications free:

Don’t make your content a mess. Keep it short, simple and accurate. Try not making long sentences. Make sure your writing is user friendly and engages maximum number of audiences. Avoid use of abbreviations as if it is not understood it can lead in creating misperceptions. Use of large no. of links that are not relevant can put you in danger. In this case there are chances that you may lose readers.


Whether you are already a writer or a beginner, let me inform you that content marketing is a backbone of digital marketing. It can either make your business or spoil it. Learning how to avoid the pitfalls can assist you in making successful content marketing techniques.

Whether you’re looking to increase sales, boost your brand awareness, retain existing business, or engage new customers, content marketing techniques is a proven strategy to fulfill any of those goals. Strong content is the best way to get likes and shares that will assist your site higher ranks than your competitors.

digital marketWhile creating content we must have to focus on the business aspects, their type and describing the business in easy way, also be careful while creating keywords for the website. Content shall be in easy way and it should maintain its uniqueness. It must be attractive so that it can engage much readers and increase their willingness towards content. These are some efficient way of content which helps to avoid “pitfalls in content marketing”.

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