Advanced Digital Marketing Strategy – 2021

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(Last Updated On: 21/12/2020)

Hello Everyone, Good Morning!

Do you wanted to learn some kick ass Advance Digital Marketing Strategy in 2021 from the various renowned Digital Marketers?

Advanced Digital Marketing Strategy

If you are saying yes or its in your head then you are at the right place!

Today you will take more value in term of knowledge in every aspects of digital marketing.

I am the active member of Digital Marketing Practitioner Facebook group, and I was scrolling my fb feed and I found very valuable post in DMP group.

Karan Question

Karan, my friend posted a post in his group and asked to share atleast 1 Advance Digital Marketing Strategy in 2021 from the group members. So, I found very good and  valuable Digital Marketing Strategies from different digital marketers with various niche. I am compiling all the Advance Digital Marketing Strategy so that you can see all the strategy at one place.

Let me share with you guys.

Geet Kiran

Geet Kiran Anuja shared his views on facebook ads : Facebook ads – secret pro tip – If ROAS is suffering throughout the account then put all your audiences as 1 ad set each in a CBO campaign setup with your daily aggregate budget. Then setup a rule with 15-20% budget increase/decrease every 24 hours to scale up or scale down campaigns according to the required desirable ROAS. I have taken an account with lifetime ROAS of 3 to 5 with this within a month.

1. Automation is all about simplifying stuffs. Focus more on analytical thinking rather than focusing on only software.
2. Key to get successful in ads & funnel building is as Yogesh Upadhyay mentioned focus on testing. Also adding 1st brainstorm & chalk out every single possible steps of your funnel before spending any single penny on ads or software.

Sarang Bhirad:

Digital Marketing Strategy and Traditional Marketing Strategy are totally different in nature.

When it comes to knowing your audience, the traditional marketing approach involves a process where you create a customer ‘persona’. This persona visualizes your customer with parameters like age, interests, demographics, hobbies, etc.But this is an old way of profiling customers. When it comes to digital world, a customer or the user is not a static entity. They are constantly in motion and their cognitive responses keep changing.

This is where we need a better way to understand our users rather than just a persona.Enters “Customer Journey Mapping”Customer journey mapping is a process of identifying and mapping different phases a customers goes through before making a monetary transaction with your business.Let’s take an example of eCommerce.

A customers sees an ad, then if they like the ad they click and see the product, if they are convinced they will add it to wishlist or straight away in their cart, and finally when they’re dead sure about your product they’ll checkout and place the order.

Now, my point is, that this user is the same person from start to finish. Let’s assume he’s Daniel of age 24, an IT professional from San Francisco who loves football. But as I said, that data is irrelevant in his digital activities.What matters to you is to map what all he goes through when interacting with your business before you pays you anything at all.

Now here are some parameters you want to map on this entire journey.

• Questions

• Fears

• Objections

• Actions etc.

On every step of your customer journey, create a table and enlist all the factors that fall under those parameters.

Example: on checkout page, a fear element could arise due to no brand value or enough trust on product, an objection element could be that the shipping cost added is way more than what they expected, etc. Make a whole grid of all such pointers across the customer journey and make the necessary changes in your website, product, advertising and marketing activities accordingly. This way, Daniel will have a better experience shopping from your business and if no stones are left unturned, Daniel will definitely become your loyal lifetime consumer.

Mayan Jain:

Just a small trick while using Message objective as your Facebook ad campaign to generate leads for a service based business:

Use a Google form link with CTA ‘Request a call back’ and you will end up generating extra leads. People are lazy. Using this trick since long time and still working for me.

(They do convert if we take extra care)

Vishnu Purohit:


Strategy on Facebook ads –
Always start with writing the funnel and campaigns on paper before you actually start working on the campaign.
Earlier I used to start the campaign as soon as I complete my research.
But now writing and visualising the campaign helps me think all permutations and combinations right there on paper. It personally helped me in everything, whether it is related to campaign planning, strategy planning or even personal goal planning.

Gireesh Likhyani:

Do you want to generate more than 40000 views on Instagram profile every week Organically? Then please look at his Instagram strategy for 2021.

He has shared his very unique Instagram Strategy.

1. Turn on post notifications on accounts having more engagement in your niche.
2. The moment they post, drop a relevant comment. The trick is to get in the first or second comment.
3. And wait for the magic to happen.

Sk Rafiqul Islam:

Want to make your blog post a email capturing machine?

Here’s what you should start doing:

Make free content upgrade for each of your blog post, But you need to make sure that each of your FREE content upgrade/ lead magnet is extremely relevant to your blog post.

Here’s an example:

  • Blog post title: How to get backlinks in 2021? [A definitive guide]
  • Extremely relevant Content upgrade/lead magnet offer will be: ultimate checklist to follow for link building in 2021

It seems like the checklist or lead magnet or the content upgrade is only made for that specific blog post.And this is what you really need to do. It takes time but absolutely worthy. Even if you can’t create an additional resource for each of your blog post, then just turn that blog post into a PDF (if it is long enough).

This is still better than nothing.Also, stop using general lead magnet for all of your content. You’ll see a popup for downloading a PPC checklist on content writing article. Even if you get good result from this, you’ll get much better when you start adding relevancy into the context.

Wanted to get quality backlink in 2021?

then please follow these steps from Bhargav roy.

Creating Skyscraper content for backlinks with proper competitor research.
Use any keyword tool, Ahrefs/Semrush. Type your keyword in that and filter to see all domains with highest DR and maxmium volume.
Now create an excel sheet and put in the top 5 urls and also the ones having maximum number(>100) of backlinks. Also Keep a record of their respective backlink numbers.
Next download the backlink report for all the websites and place them in proper folder with names. These are the domains referring to that particular blog/page and later you would be approaching them with a better content to get those backlinks.
Now to get a quick idea of what content to write… Open all the competitor websites and note down the best headings and sub headings and also if any important information, to create your content structure.
Next thing left is to read all the content and create your own better version, having highest number of words compared to all the competitors. Make sure to have more numbers and better quality of pictures, videos and infographics.
Once you’re ready with the content, time to approach all the domains that are giving backlink to your competitors.For that open the reports, you had downloaded. Check all the websites pointing to your competitor pages and find out their emails.
The number should be minimum of 500(might be less for some less demanding content).
You can use tools like , to scrape the emails. Try blog commenting, reaching them on Social media platforms.
This is the process where you need to be patient and do it carefully, creating a pipeline. Do use any email outreach tools to send emails. Send customized emails, and not the general ones.
Hope you get good quality backlinks in 2021.

A very best and valuable content is shared from Anuran Das for advanced funnel which is build for his clients too.

Lets See this!

Anuran Das

This are all free + paid tools you can use.
Step 1 : Use free mind and mind map to first think about the business model which you can implement in your business.
Step 2 : Have a series of offerings to your customers minimum 5 products.
Step 3 : Now decide which source is the best to generate targeted traffic.
Step 4 : my suggestion run awareness ads on YouTube specific channels on your niche and and bring people to your landing page.
Step 5 : once they come to your landing page, let fb pixel track it and then make a custom and lookalike Audience of it.
Step 6 : Now show lead gen ads or purchase ads to the looks like 1% and 2% and rest let fb do the work for you
Step 7 : create a lead and generate leads and don’t take their email id please, it’s a old school process.
Step 8 : bring them to your messenger subscriber list and their you ask them their mail details and profession and gender
Step 9 : Tag them as per profession and gender and then craft the message according to their dreams and pain points.
Step 10 : Set up a drip campaign using many chat and active campaign for 5 days and send them as per segmentation.
Step 11 : Now use SMS Marketing & WhatsApp Marketing to broadcast message once a day.
Step 12 : let them purchase your tripwire product and try to offer super value.
Step 13 : once they purchased add them to a fb group or Whatsapp group and build healthy relationship with them and offer them more products.
Step 14 : If they didn’t purchase show them fb video remarketing ads if testimonials and run drip campaign after 4-5 day sequence and bring them on your tripwire.
Hope it helps…..did lots of hard work….
Conversion ratio around 25%

Suman Jain has shared her Pinterest Strategy. 

Suman jain

How to generate qualified buyers from Pinterest?
1) Identify the Niche and along with it identify your ideal audience problems what they facing!
2) Also Identify solutions
3) Create a funnel flow where you solve your audience problem immediately. (Avoid freebies)
4) Create pin (image) and address the no.1 problem what your audience are facing and make sure Tell them that you have a one solution for that.
5) Make sure to use CTA (else they won’t click)
6) Check what your competitor are doing on Pinterest (be smart to use google lens)
7) See what extra or one solution you can provide which even your competitor don’t do!
8) You attract only buyers who would put either their email or buy from you.
9) Make sure to follow all the steps daily basis to attract your ideal buyers from Pinterest.
10) Apply these strategies and thank me later!
11) Conversion are Nearly 55% so even if 1000 check your website – you have nearly 40-55% convert!

Email Marketing Tips for B2B from Abhishek Parinam.


1) Use Tags in subject line like first name. Make it personalized.
2) Text Based Emails – Make it short, crisp & up to the point (Don’t beat around the bush).
3) Image Based Emails – Minimalist Clean Designs are a winner (Works when there is a festive around the corner).
4)Always use A/B testing using the Email Marketing tool to determine which email works best.
5) Make sure you leave in an unsubscribe option, make it clear that people have the choice to unsubscribe (giving them the mindset “Hey these guys know what they send and it’s legit”).

Lead nurturing strategy for 2021 shared by Amit Kumar

Lead nurture strategy

Before running a lead generation campaign, ensure you have a perfect lead nurturing strategy in place. However good is the quality of leads might be, if you can’t nurture them well, they won’t bring any sale.
A general Lead nurturing strategy should have:
1. A good counselor not a telecaller.
2. A crystal clear email / whatsapp to be sent to the leads post telephonic conversation.
3. If you have a like-minded audience, you can add them to a closed Facebook group / Whatsapp group with their consent. And give them the reasons, why they should go with your offerings.
4. If a lead is ready to accept your offer, give him/her a hassle free option to pay/enroll/register.

Want to gain more value and knowledge in FAQ?

Alright, now I am implementing for myself as a SEO, so that this post will come on google top SERP.

I will try to rank this post as FAQ Schema, so I am writing this blog as Q and A type.

Lets read.

How to generate profile views on Instagram?

1. Turn on post notifications on accounts having more engagement in your niche.
2. The moment they post, drop a relevant comment. The trick is to get in the first or second comment.

How to get good quality backlinks in 2021?

1. Use any keyword tool, Ahrefs/Semrush.
2. Type your keyword in that and filter to see all domains with highest DR and maximum volume.
3. Now create an excel sheet and put in the top 5 urls and also the ones having maximum number(>100) of backlinks. Also Keep a record of their respective backlink numbers.
4. Download the backlink report for all the websites.
5. Open all the competitor websites and note down the best headings and sub headings and also if any important information, to create your content structure.
6. Spy competitors backlinks.
7. Send customized emails (Email marketing)

What are the Best way to research facebook audience?

Just use Google and search Top ____________ for [ Niche Names ]
1. Websites
2. Blogs
3. Forums
4. Facebook Pages
5. Magazines
6. Associations
7. Brand Names
8. Public Figures
9. Celebrities
10. Communities
11. Lesser Known Athletes / Celebrities
12. Events
13. Contests / Competitions
14. Authors / Books
15. Movies / TV Shows
16. Tools / Equipments Used
17. Brand Names of Tools / Equipments
18. Character Names (like Clark Kent for Superman)
19. Famous Quotes / Dialogues from that Niche

Thats all for today, I will try to add more content / Advanced Digital Marketing Strategy in 2021 in this post!

And if you looking for any kind of digital marketing services feel free to disturb me anytime or you can fill the form and our team representative will ping / call you.

Thanks and regards

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